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Irnich, Dominik (2021): Wissenschaftliche Grundlagen der Akupunktur. In: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur, Vol. 64, No. 4: pp. 260-267

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This article summarises the existing scientific evidence for the effectiveness and physiological plausibility of acupuncture. Studies and meta-analyses have already furnished a body of evidence of the clinical effectiveness of some indications, for example for post-operative nausea and vomiting, for back pain, headaches, pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder pains as well as post-operative pain. The physiological effects of acupuncture and the underlying mechanisms are diverse. These include peripheral processes, spinal processes and supraspinous/cerebral mechanisms. The limitations of the results, the significance of the context and the course of acupuncture must be taken into account.

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