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Jarzebska, Natalia Teresa; Frei, Julia; Lauchli, Severin; French, Lars E.; Guenova, Emmanuella; Gouttefangeas, Cecile; Kundig, Thomas M.; Mellett, Mark and Pascolo, Steve (2021): Lipofection with Synthetic mRNA as a Simple Method for T-Cell Immunomonitoring. In: Viruses-Basel, Vol. 13, No. 7, 1232

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The quantification of T-cell immune responses is crucial for the monitoring of natural and treatment-induced immunity, as well as for the validation of new immunotherapeutic approaches. The present study presents a simple method based on lipofection of synthetic mRNA in mononuclear cells as a method to determine in vitro T-cell responses. We compared several commercially available transfection reagents for their potential to transfect mRNA into human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and murine splenocytes. We also investigated the impact of RNA modifications in improving this method. Our results demonstrate that antigen-specific T-cell immunomonitoring can be easily and quickly performed by simple lipofection of antigen-coding mRNA in complex immune cell populations. Thus, our work discloses a convenient solution for the in vitro monitoring of natural or therapy-induced T-cell immune responses.

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