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Jerman, Eva; Lümkemann, Nina; Eichberger, Marlis; Zoller, Christian; Nothelfer, Steffen; Kienle, Alwin and Stawarczyk, Bogna (2021): Evaluation of translucency, Marten's hardness, biaxial flexural strength and fracture toughness of 3Y-TZP, 4Y-TZP and 5Y-TZP materials. In: Dental Materials, Vol. 37, No. 2: pp. 212-222

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Objectives. Testing and comparing of different non-shaded zirconia materials (3Y-TZP, 4Y-TZP and 5Y-TZP) on optical and mechanical properties. Materials and methods. Zirconia materials (N = 320, Opaque O, Translucent T, Extra Translucent ET, High Translucent HT) were investigated on translucency, Martens parameter, biaxial flexural strength, Chevron-Notch-Beam (CNB) fracture toughness (K-IC) and grain size. The grain size was analyzed using a scanning electron microcopy (SEM). Univariate ANOVA, post-hoc Scheffe, partial eta-squared, Kolmogorov-Smirnov-, Kruskal-Wallisand Mann Whitney-U-tests (p < 0.05) were performed. The reliability of flexural strength was calculated with two-parametric Weibull analysis and 95 % confidence level. Results. The translucency of ET and HT increased with the thermo-mechanical aging (p < 0.001). The zirconia material and aging had no impact on the Martens hardness and the indentation modulus. ET showed the highest flexural strength values after initial and thermo-mechanical aging (p < 0.001 - 0.683). All four materials showed the highest flexural strength after thermo-mechanical aging after 1.2 Mio cycles. Thermo-mechanically (1.2 Mio cycles) aged HT presented the highest Weibull modulus (m = 15.0) regardless of aging. Within initial groups, T (p <= 0.001) showed the highest fracture toughness, followed by O (p <= 0.001), ET (p < 0.003) and HT (p <= 0.001). Significance. Translucency of ET and HT increases with thermo-mechanical aging. Chevron Notch-Beam (CNB) is a valid alternative to the single-edge-V-notched beam (SEVNB) method for testing fracture toughness. (c) 2020 The Academy of Dental Materials. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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