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Kapetanios, Dimitrios; Petropoulou, Maria; Chatzelas, Dimitrios; Pitoulias, Georgios; Kalogirou, Thomas E.; Mitka, Afroditi Maria; Giagtzidis, Ioakeim T.; Papazoglou, Konstantinos O. and Karkos, Christos D. (2021): The Effect of Transfusion of Two Units of Fresh Frozen Plasma on the Perioperative Fibrinogen Levels and the Outcome of Patients Undergoing Elective Endovascular Repair for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. In: Annals of Vascular Surgery, Vol. 72: pp. 498-506

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Background: We aimed to investigate whether the transfusion of 2 units of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) immediately post aneurysm exclusion has any effect on the perioperative fibrinogen levels and the outcome of patients undergoing elective endovascular repair (EVAR) of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). Methods: Consecutive infrarenal AAA patients undergoing elective EVAR with the bifurcated Endurant-II stent-graft (Medtronic) were recruited from 2 vascular units. The first unit has a routine policy of administering 2 units of FFP immediately upon aneurysm exclusion (FFP group), whereas the second unit has no such policy (control group). Serum fibrinogen levels were measured on admission and 24 hr post-EVAR and the perioperative change in fibrinogen (Delta fib) was calculated (24-hr postoperative minus preoperative fibrinogen). The 2 groups were compared with regards to the perioperative fibrinogen levels (preoperative, 24-hr postoperative, and Delta fib) and the outcome (endoleaks, reinterventions, major adverse cardiovascular events, death) during follow up. Results: A total of 70 patients (41 in the FFP group, 29 controls) were examined. There were 68 men, the mean age was 70 +/- 7 years and the maximum AAA diameter was 63.3 +/- 13.8 mm. During the follow up (34 +/- 19 months), a total of 6 endoleaks were recorded (2 type la, 2 type lb and 1 type II). Mean preoperative fibrinogen, 24-hr postoperative fibrinogen and fib was 391.1 +/- 92.8 mg/dL, 367.7 +/- 97.8 mg/dL and -23.5 +/- 51.02 mg/dL, respectively. There was a trend for the fibrinogen to fall 24 hr postprocedure, but this was not statistically significant (P = 0.07). There was a weak negative association between fib and endoleaks (P = 0.007, r= -0.29). Compared to controls, the FFP group had a higher 24-hr postoperative fibrinogen (401.8 +/- 112.9 mg/dL vs. 319.3 +/- 34.9 mg/dL, P< 0.0001) and a lower Delta fib (-3.00 +/- 56.01 mg/dL vs. -52.48 +/- 21.15 mg/dL, P< 0.0001). No significant difference was observed between the 2 groups with regards to endoleaks, reinterventions, major adverse cardiovascular events, or deaths. Conclusions: Transfusion of 2 units of FFP postaneurysm exclusion prevents a significant drop in plasma fibrinogen 24 hr post-EVAR, but the impact on clinical outcome has yet to be defined.

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