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Kirst, Christin; Danaf, Nader A.; Knechtel, Fabian; Arczynski, Tim; Mayer, Peter; Lamb, Don C. and Karaghiosoff, Konstantin L. (2021): Methods for elucidating the structural-property relationship in luminescent materials. In: Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol. 9, No. 38: pp. 13366-13375

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The search for efficient and stable new blue luminescent compounds is still ongoing. In this respect, knowledge of the structure-property relationship is essential for the design and evaluation of blue emitting materials. However, several uncertainties still exist, such as crystal packing and intermolecular interactions, that can significantly complicate the design process. The application of fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in combination with Hirshfeld surface analysis for the characterization of luminescent materials are powerful tools that can be used to investigate the structure-property relationship in an emitting substance. However, they have been vastly underutilized in this field. Our results, based on exemplary, new, functionalized phosphine oxides, show that indeed general trends concerning the relationship between photoluminescence lifetimes, emitted light intensities, attractive intermolecular interactions and overall morphology of a compound can be derived through the combination of both analytical methods.

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