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Klapötke, Thomas M.; Kofen, Moritz; Schmidt, Laszlo; Stierstorfer, Jorg and Wurzenberger, Maximilian H. H. (2021): Selective Synthesis and Characterization of the Highly Energetic Materials 1-Hydroxy-5H-tetrazole (CHN4O), its Anion 1-Oxido-5H-tetrazolate (CN4O-) and Bis(1-hydroxytetrazol-5-yl)triazene. In: Chemistry-An Asian Journal, Vol. 16, No. 19: pp. 3001-3012

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For the first time, an adequate selective synthesis, circumventing the formation of 2-hydroxy-5H-tetrazole, of 1-hydroxy-5H-tetrazole (HTO), as well as the synthesis of bis(1-hydroxytetrazol-5-yl)triazene (H3T) are reported. Several salts thereof were synthesized and characterized which resulted in the formation of new primary and secondary explosives containing the 1-oxidotetrazolate unit. Molecular structures are characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, H-1 and C-13 NMR, IR, and elemental analysis. Calculation of the detonation performance using the Explo5 code confirmed the energetic properties of 1-hydroxy-5H-tetrazole. The detonation properties can be adjusted to the requirements for those of a secondary explosive by forming the hydroxylammonium (6) or hydrazinium (7) salts, or to meet the requirements of a primary explosive by forming the silver salt 4, which shows a fast DDT on contact with a flame. The sensitivities of all compounds towards external stimuli such as impact, friction, and electrostatic discharge were measured.

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