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Klingenstein, A. and Hintschich, C. (2021): Spezifische orbitale Entzündungen. In: Ophthalmologe, Vol. 118, No. 8: pp. 794-800

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Background The clinical picture of specific orbital inflammation can be subdivided into infectious diseases and idiopathic as well as autoimmune diseases. Objective This synopsis should help the reader to become acquainted with rare, yet important differential diagnoses of specific orbital inflammations. Material and methods A variety of cases of specific orbital inflammation from our interdisciplinary orbital consultation are presented that illustrate examples supported by the medical literature, expert opinions as well as the authors' personal experiences. Results Orbital symptoms can occur due to infectious pathogens, rheumatic systemic autoimmune diseases or be idiopathic. They mostly manifest by swelling of the lids or lacrimal glands but involvement of deep orbital structures is also possible. Conclusion It is of importance to know the possible clinical ocular manifestations of infectious and rheumatic immunological systemic diseases in order to be able to treat patients adequately and whenever necessary by a multidisciplinary approach.

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