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Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Johanna H. A. van; Schmeißner, Stefan; Dütsch, Günter; Kustatscher, Evelyn and Pott, Christian (2021): Plant macrofossils from the Rhaetian of Einberg near Coburg (Bavaria, Germany). Part 1. Ferns, fern allies and seed ferns. In: Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie-Abhandlungen, Vol. 302, No. 3: pp. 331-353

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A macrofossil plant assemblage obtained from Rhaetian strata of a quarry near Einberg (Franconia, Germany) produced a diverse array of sphenophyte, fern and seed fern remains. These are described by means of macromorphology and epidermal anatomy. In total, two horsetails were identified (a Neocalamites and an Equisetites species each). Ferns are represented by four species in three families;Osmundaceae with two Todites species, Matoniaceae with one Phlebopteris species, and Dipteridaceae with one Clathropteris species. Incurled fern fronds have been attributed to the fossil- genus Spiropteris and fern rhizomes are recorded as well. Three seed fern taxa have been identified, viz. a species of Lepidopteris with its male and female reproductive organs (Peltaspermales), a species of Scytophyllum (Peltaspermales) and a species of Pachypteris (Umkomasiales). Moreover, a few fructifications have been recorded that have been tentatively assigned to the genus Kirchmuellia. A comparison between the flora from Einberg with the Rhaetian floras of the nearby localities Wustenwelsberg, Heilgersdorf and Kipfendorf reveals distinct local differences in the sphenophyte, fern and seed fern portion of the respective floras;this is referred to ecological differences. Moreover, brief comparisons with Rhaetian floras from adjacent European areas were made.

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