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Konow, Heike; Ewald, Florian; George, Geet; Jacob, Marek; Klingebiel, Marcus; Koelling, Tobias; Luebke, Anna E.; Mieslinger, Theresa; Poertge, Veronika; Radtke, Jule; Schaefer, Michael; Schulz, Hauke; Vogel, Raphaela; Wirth, Martin; Bony, Sandrine; Crewell, Susanne; Ehrlich, Andre; Forster, Linda; Giez, Andreas; Goedde, Felix; Gross, Silke; Gutleben, Manuel; Hagen, Martin; Hirsch, Lutz; Jansen, Friedhelm; Lang, Theresa; Mayer, Bernhard; Mech, Mario; Prange, Marc; Schnitt, Sabrina; Vial, Jessica; Walbroel, Andreas; Wendisch, Manfred; Wolf, Kevin; Zinner, Tobias; Zoeger, Martin; Ament, Felix and Stevens, Bjorn (2021): EUREC(4)A's HALO. In: Earth System Science Data, Vol. 13, No. 12: pp. 5545-5563

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


As part of the EUREC(4)A (Elucidating the role of cloud-circulation coupling in climate) field campaign, the German research aircraft HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft), configured as a cloud observatory, conducted 15 research flights in the trade-wind region east of Barbados in January and February 2020. Narrative text, aircraft state data, and metadata describing HALO's operation during the campaign are provided. Each HALO research flight is segmented by timestamp intervals into standard elements to aid the consistent analysis of the flight data. Photographs from HALO's cabin and animated satellite images synchronized with flight tracks are provided to visually document flight conditions. As a comprehensive product from the remote sensing observations, a multi-sensor cloud mask product is derived and quantifies the incidence of clouds observed during the flights. In addition, to lower the threshold for new users of HALO's data, a collection of use cases is compiled into an online book, How to EUREC(4)A, included as an asset with this paper. This online book provides easy access to most of EUREC(4)A's HALO data through an intake catalogue. Code and data are freely available at the locations specified in Table 6.

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