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Korobenko, A.; Rosenberger, P.; Schoetz, J.; Naumov, A. Yu; Villeneuve, D. M.; Kling, M. F.; Staudte, A.; Corkum, P. B. and Bergues, B. (2021): Single-shot dispersion sampling for optical pulse reconstruction. In: Optics Express, Vol. 29, No. 8: pp. 11845-11853

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We present a novel approach to single-shot characterization of the spectral phase of broadband laser pulses. Our method is inexpensive, insensitive to alignment and combines the simplicity and robustness of the dispersion scan technique, that does not require spatio-temporal pulse overlap, with the advantages of single-shot pulse characterization methods such as single-shot frequency-resolved optical gating at a real-time reconstruction rate of several Hz. (C) 2021 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement

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