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Krippendorf, Sven; Lüst, Dieter and Syvaeri, Marc (2021): Integrability Ex Machina. In: Fortschritte der Physik-Progress of Physics, Vol. 69, No. 7, 2100057

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Determining whether a dynamical system is integrable is generally a difficult task which is currently done on a case by case basis requiring large human input. Here we propose and test an automated method to search for the existence of relevant structures, the Lax pair and Lax connection respectively. By formulating this search as an optimization problem, we are able to identify appropriate structures via machine learning techniques. We test our method on standard systems of classical integrability and find that we can single out some integrable deformations of a system. Due to the ambiguity in defining a Lax pair our algorithm identifies novel Lax pairs which can be easily verified analytically.

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