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Landsleitner, B.; Both, C. P. and Hoffmann, F. (2021): Präklinisches Management von Atemwegs- und Atmungsproblemen im Kindesalter. Zusammenfassung der S1-Leitlinie, praktische Tipps und Tricks. In: Notfall & Rettungsmedizin, Vol. 24, No. 1: pp. 12-23

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Pediatric emergencies are rare events in prehospital emergency medicine;however, the relative proportion of respiratory disorders (airway and breathing estimates AB) is high. The treatment is usually carried out by nonspecialized teams. In medical treatment of AB emergencies the focus is on securing oxygenation and ventilation. The selection of emergency techniques is based on the principle as noninvasive as possible, as invasive as necessary, and in this context endotracheal intubation nowadays plays a more subordinate role. In this article the most important contents of the section Specific features in children of the current German S1 guidelines on prehospital airway management are presented and explained based on a hypothetical case study.

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