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Adam, Christian (2016): The Politics of Judicial Review. Supranational Administrative Acts and Judicialized Compliance Conflict in the EU. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal article

Adam, Christian; Steinebach, Yves; Knill, Christoph (September 2018): Neglected challenges to evidence-based policy-making. The problem of policy accumulation. In: Policy Sciences, Vol. 51, No. 3: pp. 269-290

Kowark, Ana; Adam, Christian; Ahrens, Jörg; Bajbouj, Malek; Bollheimer, Cornelius; Borowski, Matthias; Dodel, Richard; Dolch, Michael; Hachenberg, Thomas; Henzler, Dietrich; Hildebrand, Frank; Hilgers, Ralf-Dieter; Höft, Andreas; Isfort, Susanne; Kienbaum, Peter; Knobe, Mathias; Knuefermann, Pascal; Kranke, Peter; Laufenberg-Feldmann, Rita; Nau, Carla; Neuman, Mark D.; Olotu, Cynthia; Rex, Christopher; Rossaint, Rolf; Sanders, Robert D.; Schmidt, Rene; Schneider, Frank; Siebert, Hartmut; Skorning, Max; Spies, Claudia; Vicent, Oliver; Wappler, Frank; Wirtz, Dieter Christian; Wittmann, Maria; Zacharowski, Kai; Zarbock, Alexander; Coburn, Mark; Röhl, Anna B.; Waesberghe, Julia van; Ziemann, Sebastian; Fitzner, Christina; Batista, Joao Pedro; Freitag, Mathias; Dietrich, Claudia; Kalvelage, Christina; Grohe, Christina; Schiemann, Alexander; Schmidt, Katrin; Reichert, Dennis; Renziehausen, Fenja; Neumann, Claudia; Post, Fenna; Schäfer, Maximilian; Müller, Thomas; Osmers, Anne; Mersmann, Jan; Meybohm, Patrick; Kiefmann, Rainer; Riegel, Ann-Kathrin; Koppert, Wolfgang; Reiffen, Hans-Peter; Ferner, Marion; Heid, Florian; Küllmar, Mira; Meersch, Melanie; Zwissler, Bernhard; Haas, HansJörg; Peszko, Agneta; Ilies, Christoph; Liener, Ulrich C.; Maune, Carolin; Wehmeier, Stefanie; Koke, Tim; Schwartges, Ingo; Helf, Antonia; Jelting, Yvonne (2018): Improve hip fracture outcome in the elderly patient (iHOPE): a study protocol for a pragmatic, multicentre randomised controlled trial to test the efficacy of spinal versus general anaesthesia. In: BMJ Open, Vol. 8, No. 10, e023609

Mathieu, Emmanuelle; Adam, Christian; Hartlapp, Miriam (2018): From high judges to policy stakeholders: a public policy approach to the CJEU'S power. In: Journal of European Integration, Vol. 40, No. 6: pp. 653-666

Adam, Christian (2018): Multilevel conflict over policy application-detecting changing cleavage patterns. In: Journal of European Integration, Vol. 40, No. 6: pp. 683-700

Hurka, Steffen; Adam, Christian; Knill, Christoph (November 2017): Is Morality Policy Different? Testing Sectoral and Institutional Explanations of Policy Change. In: Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 45, No. 4: pp. 688-712

Adam, Christian; Raschzok, Andreas (March 2017): Cannabis policy and the uptake of treatment for cannabis‐related problems. In: Drug and Alcohol Review, Vol. 36, No. 2: pp. 171-177

Adam, Christian; Hurka, Steffen; Knill, Christoph (2017): Four Styles of Regulation and their Implications for Comparative Policy Analysis. In: Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Vol. 19, No. 4: pp. 327-344

Adam, Christian; Knill, Christoph; Fernández-i-Marín, Xavier (2017): Rule growth and government effectiveness. Why it takes the capacity to learn and coordinate to constrain rule growth. In: Policy Sciences, Vol. 50, No. 2: pp. 241-268

Grohs, Stephan; Adam, Christian; Knill, Christoph (January 2016): Are Some Citizens More Equal than Others? Evidence from a Field Experiment. In: Public Administration Review, Vol. 76, No. 1: pp. 155-164

Adam, Christian (2016): Simulating policy diffusion through learning. Reducing the risk of false positive conclusions. In: Journal of Theoretical Politics, Vol. 28, No. 3: pp. 497-519 [PDF, 682kB]

Then, Cornelia; Langer, Alexandra; Adam, Christian; Oduncu, Fuat S. (2011): Erythema Nodosum Associated with Myelodysplastic Syndrome: A Case Report. In: Onkologie, No. 3: pp. 126-128 [PDF, 238kB]

Book Section

Adam, Christian; Knill, Christoph (2018): Plädoyer für eine epidemiologische Neuausrichtung der Implementationsforschung. Skizze einer Forschungsagenda. In: Bauer, Michael W.; Grande, Edgar (eds.) : Perspektiven der Verwaltungswissenschaft. Staatslehre und politische Verwaltung, Vol. 21. Baden-Baden: Nomos. pp. 223-256

Adam, Christian; Knill, Christoph (2016): EU und Europäisierung aus komparativer politikwissenschaftlicher Perspektive. In: Lauth, Hans-Joachim; Kneuer, Marianne; Pickel, Gert (eds.) : Handbuch Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft. Springer Reference Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden: Springer. pp. 885-899

Knill, Christoph; Euchner, Eva-Maria; Adam, Christian; Heichel, Stephan; Hurka, Steffen; Preidel, Caroline (2016): Moralpolitik in Deutschland. Konformität mit internationalen Trends und öffentlicher Meinung? In: Ackermann, Ulrike; Schmidt, Hans Jörg (eds.) : Genuss – Askese – Moral. Über die Paternalisierung des guten Lebens. Frankfurt am Main: Humanities Online. pp. 23-44

Encyclopedia article

Adam, Christian; Bauer, Michael W. (26. February 2018): Policy and Organizational Termination. In: Thompson, William R. (ed.) : Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford Research Encyclopedias, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Conference or Workshop Item

Fernández-i-Marín, Xavier; Hurka, Steffen; Knill, Christoph; Adam, Christian (2017): Measuring the restrictiveness of morality policies. 7th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, 22. - 24. Juni 2017, Milan.

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