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Kleinwort, Kristina J. H.; Amann, Barbara; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Hirmer, Sieglinde; Blutke, Andreas; Renner, Simone; Uhl, Patrizia B.; Lutterberg, Karina; Sekundo, Walter; Wolf, Eckhard; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2017): Retinopathy with central oedema in an INSC94Y transgenic pig model of long-term diabetes. In: Diabetologia, Vol. 60, No. 8: pp. 1541-1549

Degroote, Roxane L.; Uhl, Patrizia B.; Amann, Barbara; Krackhardt, Angela M.; Ueffing, Marius; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2017): Formin like 1 expression is increased on CD4+T lymphocytes in spontaneous autoimmune uveitis. In: Journal of Proteomics, Vol. 154: pp. 102-108

Amann, Barbara; Kleinwort, Kristina J. H.; Hirmer, Sieglinde; Sekundo, Walter; Kremmer, Elisabeth; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2016): Expression and Distribution Pattern of Aquaporin 4, 5 and 11 in Retinas of 15 Different Species. In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 17, No. 7, 1145 [PDF, 7MB]

Deeg, Cornelia A.; Amann, Barbara; Lutz, Konstantin; Hirmer, Sieglinde; Lutterberg, Karina; Kremmer, Elisabeth; Hauck, Stefanie M. (2016): Aquaporin 11, a regulator of water efflux at retinal Muller glial cell surface decreases concomitant with immune-mediated gliosis. In: Journal of Neuroinflammation 13:89 [PDF, 1MB]

Kleinwort, Kristina J. H.; Amann, Barbara; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Feederle, Regina; Sekundo, Walter; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2016): Immunological Characterization of Intraocular Lymphoid Follicles in a Spontaneous Recurrent Uveitis Model. In: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol. 57, No. 10: pp. 4504-4511

Deeg, Cornelia A.; Uhl, Patrizia; Amann, Barbara; Blutke, Andreas; Renner, Simone; Hirmer, Sieglinde; Merl-Pham, Juliane; Sekundo, Walter; Wanke, Ruediger; Wolf, Eckhard; Hauck, Stefanie M. (2016): The INSC94Y transgenic pig: a novel model for diabetic retinopathy with macular edema. In: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol. 57, No. 12

Uhl, Patrizia B.; Amann, Barbara; Hauck, Stefanie M; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2015): Novel localization of peripherin 2, the photoreceptor-specific retinal degeneration slow protein, in retinal pigment epithelium. In: International journal of molecular sciences, Vol. 16, No. 2: pp. 2678-2692 [PDF, 2MB]

Degroote, Roxane L.; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Amann, Barbara; Hirmer, Sieglinde; Ueffing, Marius; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2014): Unraveling the Equine Lymphocyte Proteome: Differential Septin 7 Expression Associates with Immune Cells in Equine Recurrent Uveitis.
In: PLOS ONE 9(3), e91684 [PDF, 1MB]

Swadzba, Margarete E.; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Naim, Hassan Y.; Amann, Barbara; Deeg, Cornelia A. (7. December 2012): Retinal glycoprotein enrichment by concanavalin a enabled identification of novel membrane autoantigen synaptotagmin-1 in equine recurrent uveitis.
In: PLOS ONE 7(12), e50929 [PDF, 855kB]

Treutlein, Gudrun; Dorsch, Roswitha; Euler, Kerstin N.; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Amann, Barbara; Hartmann, Katrin; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2012): Novel potential interacting partners of fibronectin in spontaneous animal model of interstitial cystitis.
In: PLOS ONE 7(12), e51391 [PDF, 3MB]

Deeg, Cornelia A.; Eberhardt, Christina; Hofmaier, Florian; Amann, Barbara; Hauck, Stefanie M. (2011): Osteopontin and fibronectin levels are decreased in vitreous of autoimmune uveitis and retinal expression of both proteins indicates ECM re-modeling.
In: PLOS ONE 7(12), e27674 [PDF, 690kB]

Deeg, Cornelia A.; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Amann, Barbara; Pompetzki, Dirk; Altmann, Frank; Raith, Albert; Schmalzl, Thomas; Stangassinger, Manfred; Ueffing, Marius (2008): Equine recurrent uveitis - A spontaneous horse model of uveitis. In: Ophthalmic Research, No. 3-4: pp. 151-153 [PDF, 97kB]

Buse, Christina; Altmann, Frank; Amann, Barbara; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Poulsen Nautrup, Cordula; Ueffing, Marius; Stangassinger, Manfred; Deeg, Cornelia A. (2008): Discovering novel targets for autoantibodies in dilated cardiomyopathy. In: Electrophoresis, Vol. 29, No. 6: pp. 1325-1332

Deeg, Cornelia A.; Raith, Albert J.; Amann, Barbara; Crabb, John W.; Thurau, Stephan R.; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Ueffing, Marius; Wildner, Gerhild; Stangassinger, Manfred (2007): CRALBP is a highly prevalent autoantigen for human autoimmune uveitis. In: Clinical & Developmental Immunology, Vol. 2007, 39245 [PDF, 2MB]

Deeg, Cornelia A.; Pompetzki, Dirk; Raith, Albert J.; Hauck, Stefanie M.; Amann, Barbara; Suppmann, Sabine; Göbel, Thomas W.; Olazabal, Ursula; Gerhards, Hartmut; Reese, Sven ORCID: 0000-0002-4605-9791; Stangassinger, Manfred; Kaspers, Bernd; Ueffing, Marius (2006): Identification and functional validation of novel autoantigens in equine uveitis. In: Molecular & cellular proteomics, Vol. 5, No. 8: pp. 1462-1470

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