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Huter, Paul; Arenz, Stefan; Bock, Lars V.; Graf, Michael; Frister, Jan Ole; Heuer, Andre; Peil, Lauri; Starosta, Agata L.; Wohlgemuth, Ingo; Peske, Frank; Novacek, Jiri; Berninghausen, Otto; GrubMüller, Helmut; Tenson, Tanel; Beckmann, Roland; Rodnina, Marina V.; Vaiana, Andrea C.; Wilson, Daniel N. (2017): Structural Basis for Polyproline-Mediated Ribosome Stalling and Rescue by the Translation Elongation Factor EF-P. In: Molecular Cell, Vol. 68, No. 3: pp. 515-527

Beckert, Bertrand; Abdelshahid, Maha; Schäfer, Heinrich; Steinchen, Wieland; Arenz, Stefan; Berninghausen, Otto; Beckmann, Roland; Bange, Gert; Turgay, Kürsad; Wilson, Daniel N. (2017): Structure of the Bacillus subtilis hibernating 100S ribosome reveals the basis for 70S dimerization. In: Embo Journal, Vol. 36, No. 14: pp. 2061-2072

Graf, Michael; Arenz, Stefan; Huter, Paul; Dönhöfer, Alexandra; Novacek, Jiri; Wilson, Daniel N. (2017): Cryo-EM structure of the spinach chloroplast ribosome reveals the location of plastid-specific ribosomal proteins and extensions. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 45, No. 5: pp. 2887-2896

Huter, Paul; Müller, Claudia; Beckert, Bertrand; Arenz, Stefan; Berninghausen, Otto; Beckmann, Roland; Wilson, Daniel N. (2017): Structural basis for ArfA-RF2-mediated translation termination on mRNAs lacking stop codons. In: Nature, Vol. 541, No. 7638

Bougas, Anthony; Vlachogiannis, Ioannis A.; Gatos, Dimitrios; Arenz, Stefan; Dinos, George P. (2017): Dual effect of chloramphenicol peptides on ribosome inhibition. In: Amino Acids, Vol. 49, No. 5: pp. 995-1004

Arenz, Stefan; Abdelshahid, Maha; Sohmen, Daniel; Payoe, Roshani; Starosta, Agata L.; Berninghausen, Otto; Hauryliuk, Vasili; Beckmann, Roland; Wilson, Daniel N. (2016): The stringent factor RelA adopts an open conformation on the ribosome to stimulate ppGpp synthesis. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 44, No. 13: pp. 6471-6481 [PDF, 3MB]

Arenz, Stefan; Bock, Lars V.; Graf, Michael; Innis, C. Axel; Beckmann, Roland; Grubmüller, Helmut; Vaiana, Andrea C.; Wilson, Daniel N. (2016): A combined cryo-EM and molecular dynamics approach reveals the mechanism of ErmBL-mediated translation arrest. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 7, 12026 [PDF, 3MB]

Arenz, Stefan; Wilson, Daniel N. (2016): Blast from the Past: Reassessing Forgotten Translation Inhibitors, Antibiotic Selectivity, and Resistance Mechanisms to Aid Drug Development. In: Molecular Cell, Vol. 61, No. 1: pp. 3-14

Arenz, Stefan; Juette, Manuel F.; Graf, Michael; Nguyen, Fabian; Huter, Paul; Polikanov, Yury S.; Blanchard, Scott C.; Wilson, Daniel N. (2016): Structures of the orthosomycin antibiotics avilamycin and evernimicin in complex with the bacterial 70S ribosome. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 113, No. 27: pp. 7527-7532

Wilson, Daniel N.; Arenz, Stefan; Beckmann, Roland (2016): Translation regulation via nascent polypeptide-mediated ribosome stalling. In: Current Opinion in Structural Biology, Vol. 37: pp. 123-133

Bock, Lars V.; Arenz, Stefan; Wilson, Daniel N.; Grubmüller, Helmut; Vaiana, Andrea C. (2016): ErmBL Translation on the Ribosome in the Presence of Erythromycin is Stalled by Inhibition of Peptide Bond Formation. In: Biophysical Journal, Vol. 110, No. 3: 234A-234A

Seefeldt, A. Carolin; Graf, Michael; Pérébaskine, Natacha; Nguyen, Fabian; Arenz, Stefan; Mardirossian, Mario; Scocchi, Marco; Wilson, Daniel N.; Innis, C. Axel (2016): Structure of the mammalian antimicrobial peptide Bac7(1-16) bound within the exit tunnel of a bacterial ribosome. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 44, No. 5: pp. 2429-2438

Arenz, Stefan; Wilson, Daniel N. (2016): Bacterial Protein Synthesis as a Target for Antibiotic Inhibition. In: Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine, Vol. 6, No. 9, a025361

Byrgazov, Konstantin; Grishkovskaya, Irina; Arenz, Stefan; Coudevylle, Nicolas; Temmel, Hannes; Wilson, Daniel N.; Djinovic-Carugo, Kristina; Moll, Isabella (2015): Structural basis for the interaction of protein S1 with the Escherichia coli ribosome. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 43, No. 1: pp. 661-673 [PDF, 1MB]

Arenz, Stefan; Ramu, Haripriya; Gupta, Pulkit; Berninghausen, Otto; Beckmann, Roland; Vazquez-Laslop, Nora; Mankin, Alexander S.; Wilson, Daniel N. (2014): Molecular basis for erythromycin-dependent ribosome stalling during translation of the ErmBL leader peptide. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 5, 3501 [PDF, 3MB]

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