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Hommers, L. G.; Richter, J.; Yang, Y.; Raab, A.; Baumann, C.; Lang, K.; Schiele, M. A.; Weber, H.; Wittmann, A.; Wolf, C.; Alpers, G. W.; Arolt, V.; Domschke, K.; Fehm, L.; Fydrich, T.; Gerlach, A.; Gloster, A. T.; Hamm, A. O.; Helbig-Lang, S.; Kircher, T.; Lang, T.; Pane-Farre, C. A.; Pauli, P.; Pfleiderer, B.; Reif, A.; Romanos, M.; Straube, B.; StRöhle, A.; Wittchen, H. -U.; Frantz, S.; Ertl, G.; Lohse, M. J.; Lueken, U.; Deckert, J. (2018): A functional genetic variation of SLC6A2 repressor hsa-miR-579-3p upregulates sympathetic noradrenergic processes of fear and anxiety. In: Translational Psychiatry, Vol. 8, 226 [PDF, 1MB]

Notzon, S.; Vennewald, N.; Gajewska, A.; Klahn, A. L.; Diemer, J.; Winter, B.; Fohrbeck, I.; Arolt, V.; Pauli, P.; Domschke, K.; Zwanzger, P. (2017): Is prepulse modification altered by continuous theta burst stimulation? DAT1 genotype and motor threshold interact on prepulse modification following brain stimulation. In: European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, Vol. 267, No. 8: pp. 767-779

Opel, N.; Redlich, R.; Kähler, C.; Grotegerd, D.; Dohm, K.; Heindel, W.; Kugel, H.; Thalamuthu, A.; Koutsouleris, N.; Arolt, V.; Teuber, A.; Wersching, H.; Baune, B. T.; Berger, K.; Dannlowski, U. (2017): Prefrontal gray matter volume mediates genetic risks for obesity. In: Molecular Psychiatry, Vol. 22, No. 5: pp. 703-710

Redlich, R.; Bürger, C.; Dohm, K.; Grotegerd, D.; Opel, N.; Zaremba, D.; Meinert, S.; Förster, K.; Repple, J.; Schnelle, R.; Wagenknecht, C.; Zavorotnyy, M.; Heindel, W.; Kugel, H.; Gerbaulet, M.; Alferink, J.; Arolt, V.; Zwanzger, P.; Dannlowski, U. (2017): Effects of electroconvulsive therapy on amygdala function in major depression - a longitudinal functional magnetic resonance imaging study. In: Psychological Medicine, Vol. 47, No. 12: pp. 2166-2176

Diemer, J.; Zwanzger, P.; Fohrbeck, I.; Zavorotnyy, M.; Notzon, S.; Silling, K.; Arolt, V.; Domschke, K.; Pfleiderer, B. (2017): Influence of single-dose quetiapine on fear network activity - A pharmaco-imaging study. In: Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, Vol. 76: pp. 80-87

Schartner, C.; Ziegler, C.; Schiele, M. A.; Kollert, L.; Weber, H.; Arolt, V.; Pauli, P.; Zwanzger, P.; Reif, A.; Deckert, J.; Domschke, K. (2016): Hypomethylation of corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 1 promoter region: Converging evidence for a role in panic disorder. In: European Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol. 26: S593-S593

Notzon, S.; Domschke, K.; Holitschke, K.; Ziegler, C.; Arolt, V.; Pauli, P.; Reif, A.; Deckert, J.; Zwanzger, P. (2016): Attachment style and oxytocin receptor gene variation interact in influencing social anxiety. In: World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, Vol. 17, No. 1: pp. 76-83

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