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Journal article

Krause, Daniela; Myint, Aye-Mu; Schuett, Christine; Musil, Richard; Dehning, Sandra; Cerovecki, Anja; Riedel, Michael; Arolt, Volker; Schwarz, Markus J.; Müller, Norbert (February 2017): High Kynurenine (a Tryptophan Metabolite) Predicts Remission in Patients with Major Depression to Add-on Treatment with Celecoxib. In: Frontiers in psychiatry, Vol. 8, 16 [PDF, 969kB]

Opel, Nils; Redlich, Ronny; Grotegerd, Dominik; Dohm, Katharina; Zaremba, Dario; Meinert, Susanne; Bürger, Christian; Plümpe, Leonie; Alferink, Judith; Heindel, Walter; Kugel, Harald; Zwanzger, Peter; Arolt, Volker; Dannlowski, Udo (2017): Prefrontal brain responsiveness to negative stimuli distinguishes familial risk for major depression from acute disorder. In: Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, Vol. 42, No. 5: pp. 343-352

Schartner, Christoph; Ziegler, Christiane; Schiele, Miriam A.; Kollert, Leonie; Weber, Heike; Zwanzger, Peter; Arolt, Volker; Pauli, Paul; Deckert, Jürgen; Reif, Andreas; Domschke, Katharine (2017): CRHR1 promoter hypomethylation: An epigenetic readout of panic disorder? In: European Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol. 27, No. 4: pp. 360-371

Klahn, Anna Luisa; Klinkenberg, Isabelle A.; Lueken, Ulrike; Notzon, Swantje; Arolt, Volker; Pantev, Christo; Zwanzger, Peter; Junghoefer, Markus (2017): Commonalities and differences in the neural substrates of threat predictability in panic disorder and specific phobia. In: Neuroimage-Clinical, Vol. 14: pp. 530-537

Prelog, Martina; Hilligardt, Deborah; Schmidt, Christian A.; Przybylski, Grzegorz K.; Leierer, Johannes; Almanzar, Giovanni; El Hajj, Nady; Lesch, Klaus-Peter; Arolt, Volker; Zwanzger, Peter; Haaf, Thomas; Domschke, Katharina (2016): Hypermethylation of FOXP3 Promoter and Premature Aging of the Immune System in Female Patients with Panic Disorder?
In: PLOS ONE 11(6), e0157930 [PDF, 468kB]

Klahn, Anna Luisa; Klinkenberg, Isabelle A. G.; Notzon, Swantje; Arolt, Volker; Pantev, Christo; Zwanzger, Peter; Junghöfer, Markus (2016): Prepare for scare-Impact of threat predictability on affective visual processing in spider phobia. In: Behavioural Brain Research, Vol. 307: pp. 84-91

Zwanzger, Peter; Klahn, Anna Luisa; Arolt, Volker; Ruland, Tillmann; Zavorotnyy, Maxim; Sälzer, Johannes; Domschke, Katharina; Junghöfer, Markus (2016): Impact of electroconvulsive therapy on magnetoencephalographic correlates of dysfunctional emotional processing in major depression. In: European Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol. 26, No. 4: pp. 684-692

Vennewald, Nadja; Winter, Bernward; Limburg, Karina; Diemer, Julia; Notzon, Swantje; Fohrbeck, Inga; Arolt, Volker; Domschke, Katharina; Pauli, Paul; Zwanzger, Peter (2016): Emotional processing and rTMS: does inhibitory theta burst stimulation affect the human startle reflex? In: Journal of Neural Transmission, Vol. 123, No. 10: pp. 1121-1131

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