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Journal article

Audo, Denis; Schweigert, Günter; Charbonnier, Sylvain; Haug, Joachim T. (2017): Systematic revision and palaeobiology of Rosenfeldia triasica and Rogeryon oppeli gen. et comb. nov (Eucrustacea, Polychelida). In: European Journal of Taxonomy, Vol. 367: pp. 1-23

Charbonnier, Sylvain; Teruzzi, Giorgio; Audo, Denis; Lasseron, Maxime; Haug, Carolin; Haug, Joachim T. (2017): New thylacocephalans from the Cretaceous Lagerstatten of Lebanon. In: Bulletin De La Societe Geologique De France, Vol. 188, No. 3, 19

Haug, Joachim T.; Audo, Denis; Charbonnier, Sylyain; Palero, Ferran; Petit, Gilles; Saad, Pierre Abi; Haug, Carolin (2016): The evolution of a key character, or how to evolve a slipper lobster. In: Arthropod Structure & Development, Vol. 45, No. 2: pp. 97-107

Audo, Denis; Haug, Joachim T.; Haug, Carolin; Charbonnier, Sylvain; Schweigert, Günter; Müller, Carsten H. G.; Harzsch, Steffen (2016): On the sighted ancestry of blindness – exceptionally preserved eyes of Mesozoic polychelidan lobsters. In: Zoological Letters 2:13 [PDF, 8MB]

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