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Erbas, Bircan; Knudsen, Toril Morkve; Janson, Christer; Nilsen, Roy M.; Accordini, Simone; Benediktdottir, Bryndis; Dratva, Julia; Heinrich, Joachim; Jarvis, Debbie; Leynaert, Benedcite; Matheson, Melanie C.; Norback, Dan; Real, Francisco G.; Raherison-Semjen, Chantal; Villani, Simona; Dharmage, S. C.; Svanes, C. (2018): Critical age windows in the impact of lifetime smoking exposure on respiratory symptoms and disease among ever smokers. In: Environmental Research, Vol. 164: pp. 241-247

Campbell, B.; Raherison, C.; Lodge, C. J.; Lowe, A. J.; Gislason, T.; Heinrich, J.; Sunyer, J.; Real, F. Gomez; Norback, D.; Matheson, M. C.; Wjst, M.; Dratva, J.; Marco, R. de; Jarvis, D.; Schlunssen, V.; Janson, C.; Leynärt, B.; Svanes, C.; Dharmage, S. C. (2017): The effects of growing up on a farm on adult lung function and allergic phenotypes: an international population-based study. In: Thorax, Vol. 72, No. 3: pp. 236-244

Lambert, K. A.; Bowatte, G.; Tham, R.; Lodge, C.; Prendergast, L.; Heinrich, J.; Abramson, M. J.; Dharmage, S. C.; Erbas, B. (2017): Residential greenness and allergic respiratory diseases in children and adolescents - A systematic review and meta-analysis. In: Environmental Research, Vol. 159: pp. 212-221

Bertelsen, R. J.; Rava, M.; Carsin, A. E.; Accordini, S.; Benediktsdottir, B.; Dratva, J.; Franklin, K. A.; Heinrich, J.; Holm, M.; Janson, C.; Johannessen, A.; Jarvis, D. L.; Jogi, R.; Leynaert, B.; Norback, D.; Omenaas, E. R.; Raherison, C.; Sanchez-Ramos, J. L.; Schlunssen, V.; Sigsgaard, T.; Dharmage, S. C.; Svanes, C. (2017): Clinical markers of asthma and IgE assessed in parents before conception predict asthma and hayfever in the offspring. In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy, Vol. 47, No. 5: pp. 627-638

Fuertes, E.; Markevych, I.; Bowatte, G.; Gruzieva, O.; Gehring, U.; Becker, A.; Berdel, D.; Berg, A. von; Bergström, A.; Brauer, M.; Brunekreef, B.; Brüske, I.; Carlsten, C.; Chan-Yeung, M.; Dharmage, S. C.; Hoffmann, B.; Klümper, C.; Koppelman, G. H.; Kozyrskyj, A.; Korek, M.; Kull, I.; Lodge, C.; Lowe, A.; MacIntyre, E.; Pershagen, G.; Standl, M.; Sugiri, D.; Wijga, A.; Heinrich, J. (2016): Residential greenness is differentially associated with childhood allergic rhinitis and aeroallergen sensitization in seven birth cohorts. In: Allergy, Vol. 71, No. 10: pp. 1461-1471

Cheelo, M.; Lodge, C. J.; Dharmage, S. C.; Simpson, J. A.; Matheson, M.; Heinrich, Joachim; Lowe, A. J. (2015): Paracetamol exposure in pregnancy and early childhood and development of childhood asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis. In: Archives of Disease in Childhood, Vol. 100, No. 1: pp. 81-89

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