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Journal article

Cremer, Thomas; Kurz, A.; Zirbel, R. M.; Dietzel, S.; Rinke, B.; Schröck, Evelin; Speicher, Michael R.; Mathieu, U. R.; Jauch, Anna; Emmerich, Patricia; Scherthan, Harry; Ried, Thomas; Cremer, Christoph; Lichter, Peter (1993): The role of chromosome territories in the funtional compartmentalization of the cell nucleus. In: Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, Vol. 58: pp. 777-792 [PDF, 3MB]

Tiainen, Marianne; Knuutila, Sakari; Popp, Susanne; Emmerich, Patricia; Cremer, Thomas; Parlier, Valerie; Jotterand Bellomo, Martine; Ruutu, Tapani (1992): Chromosomal in situ suppression hybridization of immunologically classified mitotic cells in hematologic malignancies. In: Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer, Vol. 4, No. 2: pp. 135-140 [PDF, 661kB]

Cremer, Thomas; Popp, Susanne; Emmerich, Patricia; Lichter, Peter; Cremer, Christoph (1990): Rapid metaphase and interphase detection of radiation-induced chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes by chromosomal suppression in situ hybridization. In: Cytometry, Vol. 11, No. 1: pp. 110-118 [PDF, 1MB]

Emmerich, Patricia; Loos, Peter; Jauch, Anna; Hopman, Anton H. N.; Wiegant, Joop; Higgins, Michael J.; White, Bradley N.; Van Der Ploeg, Mels; Cremer, Christoph; Cremer, Thomas (1989): Double in situ hybridization in combination with digital image analysis: A new approach to study interphase chromosome topography. In: Experimental Cell Research, Vol. 181, No. 1: pp. 126-140 [PDF, 8MB]

Emmerich, Patricia; Jauch, Anna; Hofmann, M. C.; Cremer, Thomas; Walt, H. (1989): Interphase cytogenetics in paraffin embedded sections from human testicular germ cell tumor xenografts and in corresponding cultured cells. In: Laboratory Investigation, Vol. 61: pp. 235-242 [PDF, 2MB]

Walt, H.; Emmerich, Patricia; Cremer, Thomas; Hofmann, M. C.; Bannwart, F. (1989): Supernumerary chromosome 1 in interphase nuclei of atypical germ cells in paraffin-embedded human seminiferous tubules. In: Laboratory Investigation, Vol. 61: pp. 527-531 [PDF, 1MB]

Conference or Workshop Item

Walt, H.; Emmerich, Patricia; Jauch, Anna; Cremer, Thomas (1990): Interphase cytogenetics of precancerous and neoplastic human testicular germ cells. First conference of the European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology, 12. - 17. November 1989, Schloss Elmau. [PDF, 1MB]

Loos, Peter; Cremer, Thomas; Hausmann, Michael; Jauch, Anna; Emmerich, Patricia; Schlegel, W.; Cremer, Christoph (1987): Distances between two chromosomes in interphase nuclei as determined with digitized image analysis. International Symposium on Clinical Cytometry and Histometry, 20. - 26. April 1986, Elmau, Deutschland. [PDF, 943kB]

Cremer, Thomas; Emmerich, Patricia; Lichter, Peter (1987): Gibt es eine zelltypspezifische Anordnung des Chromatins in Säugerzellkernen? Argumente von Ungläubigen, Agnostikern und Gläubigen. 10. international Tagung der Sektion Zytogenetik der Gesellschaft für Anthropologie und Humangenetik, 17. - 20. Juni 1987, Homburg, Deutschland. [PDF, 1MB]

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