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Hanfstein, B.; Shlyakhto, V.; Lauseker, Michael; Hehlmann, R.; Saussele, S.; Dietz, C. T.; Erben, P.; Fabarius, A.; Proetel, U.; Schnittger, S.; Krause, S. W.; Schubert, J.; Einsele, H.; Hänel, M.; Dengler, J.; Falge, C.; Kanz, L.; Neubauer, A.; Kneba, M.; Stegelmann, F.; Pfreundschuh, M.; Waller, C. F.; Spiekermann, K.; Baerlocher, G. M.; Pfirrmann, Markus; Hasford, Joerg; Hofmann, W. K.; Hochhaus, A.; Muller, M. C. (October 2014): Velocity of early BCR-ABL transcript elimination as an optimized predictor of outcome in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients in chronic phase on treatment with imatinib. In: Leukemia, Vol. 28, No. 10: pp. 1988-1992

Schwaab, J.; Schnittger, S.; Sotlar, K.; Walz, C.; Fabarius, A.; Pfirrmann, Markus; Kohlmann, A.; Grossmann, V.; Meggendorfer, M.; Horny, H. P.; Valent, P.; Jawhar, M.; Teichmann, M.; Metzgeroth, G.; Erben, P.; Ernst, T.; Hochhaus, A.; Haferlach, T.; Hofmann, W. K.; Cross, N. C.; Reiter, A. (2013): Comprehensive mutational profiling in advanced systemic mastocytosis. In: Blood, Vol. 122, No. 14: pp. 2460-2466

Hanfstein, B.; Müller, M. C.; Hehlmann, R.; Erben, P.; Lauseker, Michael; Fabarius, A.; Schnittger, S.; Haferlach, C.; Göhring, G.; Proetel, U.; Kolb, H. J.; Krause, S. W.; Hofmann, W. K.; Schubert, J.; Einsele, H.; Dengler, J.; Hänel, M.; Falge, C.; Kanz, L.; Neubauer, A.; Kneba, M.; Stegelmann, F.; Pfreundschuh, M.; Waller, C. F.; Branford, S.; Hughes, T. P.; Spiekermann, Karsten; Baerlocher, Gabriela M.; Pfirrmann, Markus; Hasford, Joerg; Saußele, Susanne; Hochhaus, A. (2012): Early molecular and cytogenetic response is predictive for long-term progression-free and overall survival in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). In: Leukemia, Vol. 26, No. 9: pp. 2096-2102

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