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Arretz, Michael; Schneider, Helmut; Guiard, Bernard; Brunner, Michael; Neupert, Walter (18. Februar 1994): Characterization of the mitochondrial processing peptidase of Neurospora crassa. In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 269, Nr. 7: S. 4959-4967 [PDF, 1MB]

Stuart, Rosemary A.; Gruhler, Albrecht; Klei, Ida J. van der; Guiard, Bernard; Koll, Hans; Neupert, Walter (Februar 1994): The requirement of matrix ATP for the import of precursor proteins into the mitochondrial matrix and intermembrane space. In: European Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 220, Nr. 1: S. 9-18 [PDF, 1MB]

Schwarz, Eberhard; Seytter, T.; Guiard, Bernard; Neupert, Walter (Juni 1993): Targeting of cytochrome b2 into the mitochondrial intermembrane space. Specific recognition of the sorting signal. In: The EMBO Journal Online, Vol. 12, Nr. 6: S. 2295-2302 [PDF, 903kB]

Koll, Hans; Guiard, Bernard; Rassow, Joachim; Ostermann, Joachim; Horwich, Arthur; Neupert, Walter; Hartl, Franz-Ulrich (20. März 1992): Antifolding activity of hsp60 couples protein import into the mitochondrial matrix with export to the intermembrane space. In: Cell, Vol. 68, Nr. 6: S. 1163-1175 [PDF, 1MB]

Wienhues, Ulla; Becker, Karin; Schleyer, Manfred; Guiard, Bernard; Tropschug, Maximilian; Horwich, Arthur; Pfanner, Nikolaus; Neupert, Walter (Dezember 1991): Protein folding causes an arrest of preprotein translocation into mitochondria in vivo. In: The Journal of Cell Biology, Vol. 115, Nr. 6: S. 1601-1609 [PDF, 1MB]

Rassow, Joachim; Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Guiard, Bernard; Pfanner, Nikolaus; Neupert, Walter (26. November 1990): Polypeptides traverse the mitochondrial envelope in an extended state. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 275, Nr. 1-2: S. 190-194 [PDF, 429kB]

Pfanner, Nikolaus; Rassow, Joachim; Guiard, Bernard; Söllner, Thomas; Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Neupert, Walter (25. September 1990): Energy requirements for unfolding and membrane translocation of precursor proteins during import into mitochondria. In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 265, Nr. 27: S. 16324-16329 [PDF, 758kB]

Rassow, Joachim; Guiard, Bernard; Wienhues, Ulla; Herzog, Volker; Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Neupert, Walter (1989): Translocation arrest by reversible folding of a precursor protein imported into mitochondria. A means to quantitate translocation contact sites. In: The Journal of Cell Biology, Vol. 109, Nr. 4: S. 1421-1428 [PDF, 971kB]

Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Ostermann, Joachim; Guiard, Bernard; Neupert, Walter (24. Dezember 1987): Successive translocation into and out of the mitochondrial matrix. Targeting of proteins to the intermembrane space by a bipartite signal peptide. In: Cell, Vol. 51, Nr. 6: S. 1027-1037 [PDF, 1MB]

Pfanner, Nikolaus; Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Guiard, Bernard; Neupert, Walter (Dezember 1987): Mitochondrial precursor proteins are imported through a hydrophilic membrane environment. In: European Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 169, Nr. 2: S. 289-293 [PDF, 572kB]


Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Ostermann, Joachim; Pfanner, Nikolaus; Tropschug, Maximilian; Guiard, Bernard; Neupert, Walter (1987): Import of cytochromes b2 and c1 into mitochondria is dependent on both a membrane potential and nucleoside triphosphates. Cytochrome Kongress, 1987, Bari. [PDF, 1MB]

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