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Stevens, Mary; Harrington, Jonathan (2016): The phonetic origins of /s/-retraction: Acoustic and perceptual evidence from Australian English. In: Journal of Phonetics, Vol. 58: S. 118-134

Bukmaier, Véronique; Harrington, Jonathan (2016): The articulatory and acoustic characteristics of Polish sibilants and their consequences for diachronic change. In: Journal of the international Phonetic Association, Vol. 46, Nr. 3: S. 311-329

Harrington, Jonathan; Stevens, Mary (2014): Cognitive processing as a bridge between phonetic and social models of sound change. In: Laboratory Phonology, Vol. 5, Nr. 1: S. 143 [PDF, 273kB]

Bukmaier, Veronique; Harrington, Jonathan; Kleber, Felicitas (2014): An analysis of post-vocalic /s-∫/ neutralization in Augsburg German: evidence for a gradient sound change. In: Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 5, 828 [PDF, 2MB]

Harrington, Jonathan; Kleber, Felicitas; Reubold, Ulrich (August 2011): The contributions of the lips and the tongue to the diachronic fronting of high back vowels in Standard Southern British English. In: Journal of the International Phonetic Association, Vol. 41, Nr. 2: S. 137-156 [PDF, 1MB]


Harrington, Jonathan; Kleber, Felicitas; Stevens, Mary (2016): The Relationship Between the (Mis)-Parsing of Coarticulation in Perception and Sound Change: Evidence from Dissimilation and Language Acquisition. In: Esposito, Anna (Hrsg.): Recent Advances in Nonlinear Speech Processing. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Bd. 48. Springer. S. 15-34


Schiel, Florian; Draxler, Christoph; Harrington, Jonathan (2011): Phonemic Segmentation and Labelling using the MAUS Technique. Workshop New Tools and Methods for Very-Large-Scale Phonetics Research, 28. - 31. Januar 2011, Philadelphia, PA, USA. [PDF, 269kB]

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