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Hörsch, D.; Schmid, K.W.; Anlauf, M.; Darwiche, K.; Denecke, T.; Baum, R. P.; Spitzweg, C.; Grohé, C.; Presselt, N.; Stremmel, C.; Heigener, D. F.; Serke, M.; Kegel, T.; Pavel, M.; Waller, C. F.; Deppermann, K.-M.; Arnold, R.; Huber, R. M.; Weber, M. M.; Hoffmann, H. (2014): Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Bronchopulmonary System (Typical and Atypical Carcinoid Tumors): Current Strategies in Diagnosis and Treatment. Conclusions of an Expert Meeting February 2011 in Weimar, Germany. In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 37, Nr. 5: S. 266-276 [PDF, 483kB]


Siebeck, Matthias; Spannagl, Michael; Hoffmann, H.; Fink, Edwin (1992): Effects of protease inhibitors in experimental septic shock. International Conference "Kinin 91 Munich, 8. - 14. September 1991, München. [PDF, 505kB]


Spannagl, Michael; Schiffl, H.; Hoffmann, H.; Jochum, Marianne (1990): Hemodialysis membrane-related neutrophil dysfunctions and pentoxifylline - a pilot study. In: Klinische Wochenschrift, Vol. 68, Nr. 18: S. 901-905 [PDF, 526kB]

Hoffmann, H.; Siebeck, Matthias; Spannagl, Michael; Weipert, J.; Geiger, R.; Jochum, Marianne; Fritz, Hans (1990): Effect of recombinant hirudin, a specific inhibitor of thrombin, on endotoxin-induced intravascular coagulation and acute lung injury in pigs. In: American review of respiratory diseases, Vol. 142, Nr. 4: S. 782-788 [PDF, 1MB]


Hoffmann, H.; Siebeck, Matthias; Thetter, O.; Jochum, Marianne; Fritz, Hans (1989): Aprotinin concentrations effective for the inihibition of tissue kallikrein and plasma kallikrein in vitro and in vivo. In: Abe, K.; Moriya, H.; Fujii, S. (Hrsg.): Kinins. Bd. 5. New York, London: Plenum Press. S. 35-42 [PDF, 2MB]

Siebeck, Matthias; Hoffmann, H.; Jochum, Marianne; Fritz, Hans (1989): Inhibition of proteinases with recombinant Eglin c during experimental Escherichia coli septicemia in the pig. In: European surgical research, Vol. 21: S. 11-17 [PDF, 2MB]


Siebeck, Matthias; Hoffmann, H.; Jochum, Marianne; Welter, H.; Fritz, Hans (1987): Therapeutische Effekte der Inhibition lysosomaler Proteasen im Schock. In: Chirurgisches Forum 87: S. 325-328 [PDF, 1MB]

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