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Journal article

Wassermann, Joachim; Bernauer, F.; Shiro, B.; Johanson, I.; Guattari, F. and Igel, H. (2020): Six‐Axis Ground Motion Measurements of Caldera Collapse at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai'i—More Data, More Puzzles? In: Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 47, No. 5, e2019GL085999 [PDF, 13MB]

Donner, S.; Mustac, M.; Hejrani, B.; Tkalcic, H. and Igel, H. (2020): Seismic moment tensors from synthetic rotational and translational ground motion: Green's functions in 1-D versus 3-D. In: Geophysical Journal International, Vol. 223, No. 1: pp. 161-179

Simonelli, A.; Igel, H.; Wassermann, J.; Belfi, J.; Di Virgilio, A.; Beverini, N.; De Luca, G. and Saccorotti, G. (2018): Rotational motions from the 2016, Central Italy seismic sequence, as observed by an underground ring laser gyroscope. In: Geophysical Journal International, Vol. 214, No. 1: pp. 705-715

Donner, S.; Bernauer, M. and Igel, H. (2016): Inversion for seismic moment tensors combining translational and rotational ground motions. In: Geophysical Journal international, Vol. 207, No. 1: pp. 562-570

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