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Journal article

Ihrler, Stephan; Guntinas-Lichius, Orlando; Agaimy, Abbas; Wolf, Agnes; Mollenhauer, Martin (2017): Histological, immunohistological and molecular characteristics of intraductal precursor of carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma support a multistep carcinogenic process. In: Virchows Archiv, Vol. 470, No. 6: pp. 601-609

Volgger, Veronika; Girschick, Susanne; Ihrler, Stephan; Englhard, Anna Sophie; Stepp, Herbert; Betz, Christian Stephan (2016): Evaluation of confocal laser endomicroscopy as an aid to differentiate primary flat lesions of the larynx: A prospective clinical study. In: Head and Neck: Journal for the Sciences and Specialties of the Head and Neck, Vol. 38, E1695-E1704

Agaimy, Abbas; Wild, Vanessa; Märkl, Bruno; Wachter, David L.; Hartmann, Arndt; Rosenwald, Andreas; Ihrler, Stephan (2015): Intraparotid Classical and Nodular Lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma: Pattern Analysis With Emphasis on Associated Lymphadenoma-like Proliferations. In: American Journal of Surgical Pathology, Vol. 39, No. 9: pp. 1206-1212 [PDF, 864kB]

Schröck, Andreas; Göke, Friederike; Wagner, Patrick; Bode, Maike; Franzen, Alina; Braun, Martin; Huss, Sebastian; Agaimy, Abbas; Ihrler, Stephan; Menon, Ropika; Kirsten, Robert; Kristiansen, Glen; Bootz, Friedrich; Lengerke, Claudia; Perner, Sven (2013): Sex determining region Y-box 2 (SOX2) amplification is an independent indicator of disease recurrence in sinonasal cancer.
In: PLOS ONE 8(3), e59201 [PDF, 4MB]

Andres, Christian; Ihrler, Stephan; Puchta, Ursula; Flaig, Michael J. (2009): Merkel cell polyomavirus is prevalent in a subset of small cell lung cancer: a study of 31 patients. In: Thorax, Vol. 64: pp. 1007-1008 [PDF, 425kB]

Witt, Matthias N.; Braun, Gerald S.; Ihrler, Stephan; Schmid, Holger (2009): Occurrence of HSV-1-induced pneumonitis in patients under standard immunosuppressive therapy for rheumatic, vasculitic, and connective tissue disease. In: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 9:22 [PDF, 1MB]

Braun, Gerald S.; Horster, Sophia; Wagner, Katrin S.; Ihrler, Stephan; Schmid, Holger (2007): Cryoglobulinaemic vasculitis: classification and clinical and therapeutic aspects. In: Postgraduate Medical Journal, Vol. 83, No. 976: pp. 87-94 [PDF, 2MB]

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