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Eckardt, Veit; Miller, Michelle C.; Blanchet, Xavier; Duan, Rundan; Leberzammer, Julian; Duchene, Johan; Soehnlein, Oliver; Megens, Remco T. A.; Ludwig, Anna‐Kristin; Dregni, Aurelio; Faussner, Alexander; Wichapong, Kanin; Ippel, Hans; Dijkgraaf, Ingrid; Kaltner, Herbert; Döring, Yvonne; Bidzhekov, Kiril; Hackeng, Tilman M.; Weber, Christian; Gabius, Hans‐Joachim; Hundelshausen, Philipp von; Mayo, Kevin H. (2020): Chemokines and galectins form heterodimers to modulate inflammation. In: Embo Reports, e47852 [PDF, 2MB]

Miller, Michelle C.; Zheng, Yi; Suylen, Dennis; Ippel, Hans; Canada, F. Javier; Berbis, M. Alvaro; Jimenez-Barbero, Jesus; Tai, Guihua; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Mayo, Kevin H. (2020): Targeting the CRD F-face of Human Galectin-3 and Allosterically Modulating Glycan Binding by Angiostatic PTX008 and a Structurally Optimized Derivative. In: Chemmedchem, Vol. 16, No. 4: pp. 713-723

Miller, Michelle C.; Nesmelova, Irina V.; Daragan, Vladimir A.; Ippel, Hans; Michalak, Malwina; Dregni, Aurelio; Kaltner, Herbert; Kopitz, Jürgen; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Mayo, Kevin H. (2020): Pro4 prolyl peptide bond isomerization in human galectin-7 modulates the monomer-dimer equilibrum to affect function. In: Biochemical Journal, Vol. 477, No. 17: pp. 3147-3165

Hundelshausen, Philipp von; Agten, Stijn M.; Eckardt, Veit; Blanchet, Xavier; Schmitt, Martin M.; Ippel, Hans; Neideck, Carlos; Bidzhekov, Kiril; Leberzammer, Julian; Wichapong, Kanin; Faussner, Alexander; Drechsler, Maik; Grommes, Jochen; Geffen, Johanna P. van; Li, He; Ortega-Gomez, Almudena; Megens, Remco T. A.; Naumann, Ronald; Dijkgraaf, Ingrid; Nicolaes, Gerry A. F.; Döring, Yvonne; Soehnlein, Oliver; Lutgens, Esther; Heemskerk, Johan W. M.; Könen, Rory R.; Mayo, Kevin H.; Hackeng, Tilman M.; Weber, Christian (2017): Chemokine interactome mapping enables tailored intervention in acute and chronic inflammation. In: Science Translational Medicine, Vol. 9, No. 384, eaah6650

Agten, Stijn M.; Koenen, Rory R.; Ippel, Hans; Eckardt, Veit; Hundelshausen, Philipp von; Mayo, Kevin H.; Weber, Christian; Hackeng, Tilman M. (2016): Probing Functional Heteromeric Chemokine Protein-Protein Interactions through Conformation-Assisted Oxime Ligation. In: Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, Vol. 55, No. 48: pp. 14963-14966

Ippel, Hans; Miller, Michelle C.; Vértesy, Sabine; Zheng, Yi; Javier Cañada, F.; Suylen, Dennis; Umemoto, Kimiko; Romano, Cecilia; Hackeng, Tilman; Tai, Guihua; Leffler, Hakon; Kopitz, Jürgen; André, Sabine; Kübler, Dieter; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús; Oscarson, Stefan; Gabius, Hans-Joachim; Mayo, Kevin H. (2016): Intra- and intermolecular interactions of human galectin-3: assessment by full-assignment-based NMR. In: Glycobiology, Vol. 26, No. 8: pp. 888-903

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