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Issels, Rolf; Lindner, Lars H. (2016): Regional hyperthermia for high-risk soft tissue sarcoma treatment: present status and next questions. In: Current Opinion in Oncology, Vol. 28, Nr. 5: S. 447-452

Issels, Rolf; Kampmann, Eric; Kanaar, Roland; Lindner, Lars H. (2016): Hallmarks of hyperthermia in driving the future of clinical hyperthermia as targeted therapy: translation into clinical application. In: International Journal of Hyperthermia, Vol. 32, Nr. 1: S. 89-95

Bücklein, Veit; Adunka, Tina; Mendler, Anna N.; Issels, Rolf; Subklewe, Marion; Schmollinger, Jan C.; Noessner, Elfriede (2016): Progressive natural killer cell dysfunction associated with alterations in subset proportions and receptor expression in soft-tissue sarcoma patients. In: Oncoimmunology, Vol. 5, Nr. 7, e1178421

Knösel, Thomas; Altendorf-Hofmann, Annelore; Lindner, Lars H.; Issels, Rolf; Hermeking, Heiko; Schuebbe, Gesa; Gibis, Sebastian; Siemens, Helge; Kampmann, Eric; Kirchner, Thomas (2014): Loss of p16(INK4a) is associated with reduced patient survival in soft tissue tumours, and indicates a senescence barrier. In: Journal of clinical pathology, Vol. 67, Nr. 7: S. 592-598 [PDF, 1MB]

Milani, Valeria; Stangl, Stefan; Issels, Rolf; Gehrmann, Mathias; Wagner, Beate; Hube, Kathrin; Mayr, Doris; Hiddemann, Wolfgang; Molls, Michael; Multhoff, Gabriele: Anti-tumor activity of patient-derived NK cells after cell-based immunotherapy - a case report. In: Journal of Translational Medicine 2009, 7:50 [PDF, 810kB]

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