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Journal article

Ivanova, Olena; Hoffmann, Verena Sophia; Lange, Christoph; Hoelscher, Michael and Rachow, Andrea (2023): Post-tuberculosis lung impairment: systematic review and meta-analysis of spirometry data from 14 621 people. In: European Respiratory Review, Vol. 32, No. 168: p. 220221 [PDF, 937kB]

Ivanova, Olena; Sineke, Tembeka; Wenzel, Rebekka; Siyame, Elimina; Lalashowi, Julieth; Bakuli, Abhishek; Zekoll, Fidelina Cumbe; Hoelscher, Michael; Rachow, Andrea; Evans, Denise; Sabi, Issa and Ntinginya, Nyanda Elias (24. May 2022): Health-related quality of life and psychological distress among adults in Tanzania: a cross-sectional study. In: Archives of Public Health, Vol. 80 [PDF, 933kB]

Korri, Rayan; Bakuli, Abhishek; Owolabi, Olumuyiwa A.; Lalashowi, Julieth; Azize, Candido; Rassool, Mohammed; Sathar, Farzana; Rachow, Andrea and Ivanova, Olena (2022): Tuberculosis and Sexual and Reproductive Health of Women in Four African Countries. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 19, No. 22 [PDF, 1MB]

Räuchle, Jule; Briken, Peer; Schröder, Johanna and Ivanova, Olena (2022): Sexual and Reproductive Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results from a Cross-Sectional Online Survey in Germany. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 19, No. 3 [PDF, 706kB]

Korri, Rayan; Hess, Sabine; Fröschl, Günter and Ivanova, Olena (2021): Sexual and reproductive health of Syrian refugee adolescent girls: a qualitative study using focus group discussions in an urban setting in Lebanon. In: Reproductive Health, Vol. 18, No. 1, 130

Korri, Rayan; Fröschl, Günter and Ivanova, Olena (2021): A Cross-Sectional Quantitative Study on Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge and Access to Services of Arab and Kurdish Syrian Refugee Young Women Living in an Urban Setting in Lebanon. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 18, No. 18, 9586

Evans, Denise; Rensburg, Craig van; Govathson, Caroline; Ivanova, Olena; Riess, Friedrich; Siroka, Andrew; Sillah, Abdou K.; Ntinginya, Nyanda Elias; Jani, Ilesh; Sathar, Farzana; Rosen, Sydney; Sanne, Ian; Rachow, Andrea and Lonnroth, Knut (2021): Adaptation of WHO's generic tuberculosis patient cost instrument for a longitudinal study in Africa. In: Global Health Action, Vol. 14, No. 1, 1865625

Appiah, Seth Christopher Yaw; Ivanova, Olena; Hoelscher, Michael; Kroidl, Inge and Dapaah, Jonathan Mensah (2021): Disclosure of HIV/AIDS status to infected children in Ghana-A north-south comparison of barriers and enablers. In: Children and Youth Services Review, Vol. 122, 105753

Kemigisha, Elizabeth; Rai, Masna; Mlahagwa, Wendo; Nyakato, Viola N. and Ivanova, Olena (2020): A Qualitative Study Exploring Menstruation Experiences and Practices among Adolescent Girls Living in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 17, No. 18, 6613

Khosa, Celso; Bhatt, Nilesh; Massango, Isabel; Azam, Khalide; Saathoff, Elmar; Bakuli, Abhishek; Riess, Friedrich; Ivanova, Olena; Hoelscher, Michael and Rachow, Andrea (2020): Development of chronic lung impairment in Mozambican TB patients and associated risks. In: BMC Pulmonary Medicine, Vol. 20, No. 1, 127

Ketting, Evert; Brockschmidt, Laura and Ivanova, Olena (2020): Investigating the 'C' in CSE: implementation and effectiveness of comprehensive sexuality education in the WHO European region. In: Sex Education-Sexuality Society and Learning, Vol. 21, No. 2: pp. 133-147

Kemigisha, Elizabeth; Ivanova, Olena; Ruzaaza, Gad N.; Ninsiima, Anna B.; Kaziga, Ruth; Bruce, Katharine; Leye, Els; Coene, Gily; Nyakato, Viola N. and Michielsen, Kristien (2019): Process evaluation of a comprehensive sexuality education intervention in primary schools in South Western Uganda. In: Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, Vol. 21: pp. 51-59

Kemigisha, Elizabeth; Bruce, Katharine; Ivanova, Olena; Leye, Els; Coene, Gily; Ruzaaza, Gad N.; Ninsiima, Anna B.; Mlahagwa, Wendo; Nyakato, Viola N. and Michielsen, Kristien (2019): Evaluation of a school based comprehensive sexuality education program among very young adolescents in rural Uganda. In: BMC Public Health, Vol. 19, No. 1, 1393

Appiah, Seth Christopher Yaw; Kroidl, Inge; Hoelscher, Michael; Ivanova, Olena and Dapaah, Jonathan Mensah (2019): A Phenomenological Account of HIV Disclosure Experiences of Children and Adolescents from Northern and Southern Ghana. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 16, No. 4, 595

Ivanova, Olena; Wambua, Sammy; Mwaisaka, Jefferson; Bossier, Thomas; Thiongo, Mary; Michielsen, Kristien and Gichangi, Peter (2019): Evaluation of the ELIMIKA Pilot Project: Improving ART Adherence among HIV Positive Youth Using an eHealth Intervention in Mombasa, Kenya. In: African Journal of Reproductive Health, Vol. 23, No. 1: pp. 100-110

Ivanova, Olena; Rai, Masna; Mlahagwa, Wendo; Tumuhairwe, Jackline; Bakuli, Abhishek; Nyakato, Viola N. and Kemigisha, Elizabeth (2019): A cross-sectional mixed-methods study of sexual and reproductive health knowledge, experiences and access to services among refugee adolescent girls in the Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda. In: Reproductive Health 16:35 [PDF, 645kB]

Rachow, Andrea; Ivanova, Olena; Wallis, Robert; Charalambous, Salome; Jani, Ilesh; Bhatt, Nilesh; Kampmann, Beate; Sutherland, Jayne; Ntinginya, Nyanda E.; Evans, Denise; Lönnroth, Knut; Niemann, Stefan; Schaible, Ulrich E.; Geldmacher, Christof; Sanne, Ian; Hölscher, Michael and Churchyard, Gavin (2019): TB sequel: incidence, pathogenesis and risk factors of long-term medical and social sequelae of pulmonary TB – a study protocol. In: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 19:4 [PDF, 755kB]

Ivanova, Olena; Rai, Masna and Kemigisha, Elizabeth (2018): A Systematic Review of Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge, Experiences and Access to Services among Refugee, Migrant and Displaced Girls and Young Women in Africa. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 15, No. 8, 1583 [PDF, 419kB]

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