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Nabieva, N.; Kellner, S.; Fehm, T.; Häbrle, L.; Waal, J. de; Rezai, M.; Baier, B.; Baake, G.; Kolberg, H.-C.; Guggenberger, M.; Warm, M.; Harbeck, N.; Würstlein, R.; Deuker, J.-U.; Dall, P.; Richter, B.; Wachsmann, G.; Brucker, C.; Siebers, J. W.; Fersis, N.; Kuhn, T.; Wolf, C.; Vollert, H.-W.; Breitbach, G.-P.; Janni, W.; Landthaler, R.; Kohls, A.; Rezek, D.; Nösselt, T.; Fischer, G.; Henschen, S.; Prätz, T.; Heyl, V.; Kühn, T.; Krauss, T.; Thomssen, C.; Hohn, A.; esch, H.; Mundhenke, C.; Hein, A.; Rauh, C.; Bayer, C. M.; Jacob, A.; Schmidt, K.; Belleville, E.; Brucker, S. Y.; Kümmel, S.; Beckmann, M. W.; Wallwiener, D.; Hadji, P. and Fasching, P. A. (2018): Influence of patient and tumor characteristics on early therapy persistence with letrozole in postmenopausal women with early breast cancer: results of the prospective Evaluate-TM study with 3941 patients. In: Annals of Oncology, Vol. 29, No. 1: pp. 186-192


Senft, D.; Weber, A.; Saathoff, F.; Berking, C.; Heppt, M. V.; Kammerbauer, C.; Rothenfusser, S.; Kellner, S.; Kurgyis, Z.; Besch, R. and Häcker, G. (2015): In non-transformed cells Bak activates upon loss of anti-apoptotic Bcl-X-L and Mcl-1 but in the absence of active BH3-only proteins. In: Cell Death & Disease, Vol. 6, e1996 [PDF, 1MB]

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