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Kurch, L.; Hasenclever, D.; Kluge, R.; Georgi, T.; Tchavdarova, L.; Golombeck, M.; Sabri, O.; Eggert, A.; Brenner, W.; Sykora, K. W.; Bengel, F. M.; Rossig, C.; Koerholz, D.; Schäfers, M.; Feuchtinger, T.; Bartenstein, P.; Ammann, R. A.; Krause, T.; Urban, C.; Aigner, R.; Gattenloehner, S.; Klapper, W. and Mauz-Koerholz, C. (2019): Only strongly enhanced residual FDG uptake in early response PET (Deauville 5 or qPET >= 2) is prognostic in pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma: Results of the GPOH-HD2002 trial. In: Pediatric Blood & Cancer, Vol. 66, No. 3, e27539

Dreyling, M.; Aukema, S. M.; Rosenwald, A.; Canoni, D.; Rymkiewicz, G.; Thorns, C.; Hartmann, S.; Kluin-Nelemans, H.; Hermine, O.; Klapper, W. and Hoster, E. (2017): P53 but not SOX11 IHC has prognostic value independent of MIPI and Ki-67 in prospective trials of the European-MCL Network. In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 40: p. 69

Herold, M.; Hoster, E.; Unterhalt, M.; Hänel, M.; Prange-Krex, G.; Forstpointner, R.; Florschütz, A.; Gräven, U.; Frickhofen, N.; Wulf, G.; Lengfelder, E.; Lerchenmüller, C.; Schlag, R.; Dierlamm, J.; Fischer von Weikersthal, L.; Ahmed, A.; Harich, H.-D.; Rosenwald, A.; Klapper, W.; Dreyling, M. and Hiddemann, W. (2017): Rituximab maintenance versus observation after immunochemotherapy (R-CHOP, R-MCP, R-FCM) in previously untreated follicular lymphoma: a randomized trial of GLSG and OSHO. In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 40: p. 74

Pott, C.; Delfau, M.; Macintyre, E.; Ribrag, V.; Klapper, W.; Unterhalt, M.; Kneba, M.; Hiddemann, W.; Hermine, O.; Kluin-Nelemans, H.; Dreyling, M. and Hoster, E. (2017): Implications of deep molecular response after induction and in maintenance treatment in elderly patients with mantle cell lymphoma: updated results of the randomized EU-MCL elderly trial. In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 40: p. 13

Marcus, R.; Davies, A.; Ando, K.; Klapper, W.; Opat, S.; Owen, C.; Phillips, E.; Sangha, R.; Schlag, R.; Seymour, J. F.; Townsend, W.; Trněný, M.; Wenger, M.; Fingerle-Rowson, G.; Rufibach, K.; Moore, T.; Herold, M. and Hiddemann, W. (2017): Obinutuzumab for the First-Line Treatment of Follicular Lymphoma. In: New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 377, No. 14: pp. 1331-1344

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