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Fossati, M.; Wilman, D. J.; Mendel, J. T.; Saglia, R. P.; Galametz, A.; Beifiori, A.; Bender, R.; Chan, J. C. C.; Fabricius, M.; Bandara, K.; Brammer, G. B.; Davies, R.; Förster Schreiber, N. M.; Genzel, R.; Hartley, W.; Kulkarni, S. K.; Lang, P.; Momcheva, I. G.; Nelson, E. J.; Skelton, R.; Tacconi, L. J.; Tadaki, K.; Übler, H.; Dokkum, P. G. van; Wisnioski, E.; Whitaker, K. E.; Wuyts, E.; Wuyts, S. (2017): Galaxy Environment in the 3D-HST Fields: Witnessing the Onset of Satellite Quenching at z similar to 1-2. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 835, No. 2, 153

Ubler, H.; Schreiber, N. M. Förster; Genzel, R.; Wisnioski, E.; Wuyts, S.; Lang, P.; Naab, T.; Burkert, A.; Dokkum, P. G. van; Tacconi, L. J.; Wilman, D. J.; Fossati, M.; Mendel, J. T.; Beifiori, A.; Belli, S.; Bender, R.; Brammer, G. B.; Chan, J.; Davies, R.; Fabricius, M.; Galametz, A.; Lutz, D.; Momcheva, I. G.; Nelson, E. J.; Saglia, R. P.; Seitz, S.; Tadaki, K. (2017): The Evolution of the Tully-Fisher Relation between z similar to 2.3 and z similar to 0.9 with KMOS3D. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 842, No. 2, 121

Genzel, R.; Schreiber, N. M. Forster; Ubler, H.; Lang, P.; Naab, T.; Bender, R.; Tacconi, L. J.; Wisnioski, E.; Wuyts, S.; Alexander, T.; Beifiori, A.; Belli, S.; Brammer, G.; Burkert, A.; Carollo, C. M.; Chan, J.; Davies, R.; Fossati, M.; Galametz, A.; Genel, S.; Gerhard, O.; Lutz, D.; Mendel, J. T.; Momcheva, I.; Nelson, E. J.; Renzini, A.; Saglia, R.; Sternberg, A.; Tacchella, S.; Tadaki, K.; Wilman, D. (2017): Strongly baryon-dominated disk galaxies at the peak of galaxy formation ten billion years ago. In: Nature, Vol. 543, No. 7645: pp. 397-401


Döring, M.; Cabanillas Stanchi, K. M.; Queudeville, M.; Feucht, J.; Schlegel, P.; Feuchtinger, T.; Lang, P.; Müller, I.; Handgretinger, R.; Heinz, W. J. (2016): Antifungal prophylaxis with posaconazole suspension versus tablet in pediatric patients after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. In: International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Vol. 45: p. 312

Lang, P.; Eichholz, T.; Feuchtinger, T.; Teltschik, H.-M.; Mueller, I.; Pfeiffer, M.; Schumm, M.; Ebinger, M.; Schwarze, C.-P.; Gruhn, B.; Alten, J.; Albert, M.; Greil, J.; Urban, C.; Handgretinger, R. (2016): Final results of a multicenter phase I/II study using CD3/CD19 depleted stem cells for haploidentical transplantation in children. In: Bone Marrow Transplantation, Vol. 51: S463-S464

Malaval, C.; Feucht, J.; Doering, M.; Stanchi, K. M. Cabanillas; Teltschik, H. M.; Mueller, I.; Handgretinger, R.; Lang, P.; Feuchtinger, T. (2016): A treosulfan-based toxicity-reduced conditioning regimen is safe and feasible for children with non-malignant diseases but increases rejection rates in stem cell transplantation of hemoglobinopathies. In: Haematologica, Vol. 101: pp. 635-636

Burkert, A.; Förster Schreiber, N. M.; Genzel, R.; Lang, P.; Tacconi, L. J.; Wisnioski, E.; Wuyts, S.; Bandara, K.; Beifiori, A.; Bender, R.; Brammer, G.; Chan, J.; Davies, R.; Dekel, A.; Fabricius, M.; Fossati, M.; Kulkarni, S.; Lutz, D.; Mendel, J. T.; Momcheva, I.; Nelson, E. J.; Naab, T.; Renzini, A.; Saglia, R.; Sharples, R. M.; Sternberg, A.; Wilman, D.; Wuyts, E. (2016): The angular momentum distribution and baryon content of star-forming galaxies at z ~ to 1-3. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 826, No. 2, 214

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