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Langenmayr, Dominika; Haufler, Andreas; Bauer, Christian J. (2015): Should tax policy favor high- or low-productivity firms? In: European Economic Review, Vol. 73, Nr. C: S. 18-34

Haufler, Andreas; Langenmayr, Dominika (2015): How Does Firm Heterogeneity Affect International Tax Policy? In: CESifo DICE Report, Vol. 13, Nr. 2: S. 57-62 [PDF, 443kB]

Langenmayr, Dominika (2015): Voluntary disclosure of evaded taxes - Increasing revenue, or increasing incentives to evade? In: Journal of Public Economics, -

Langenmayr, Dominika (2015): Limiting Profit Shifting in a Model with Heterogeneous Firm Productivity. In: The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 15, Nr. 4: S. 1657-1677

Bauer, Christian J.; Langenmayr, Dominika (2013): Sorting into outsourcing: Are profits taxed at a gorilla’s arm’s length? In: Journal of International Economics, Vol. 90, Nr. 2: S. 326-336


Langenmayr, Dominika; Lester, Rebecca (20. Juni 2014): Taxation and Corporate Risk-Taking. Münchener Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Beiträge (VWL) 2014-28 [PDF, 485kB]

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