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Schloss, Maximilian J.; Hilby, Michael; Nitz, Katrin; Prats, Raquel Guillamat; Ferraro, Bartolo; Leoni, Giovanna; Söhnlein, Oliver; Kessler, Thorsten; He, Wenyan; Luckow, Bruno; Horckmans, Michael; Weber, Christian; Duchene, Johan; Steffens, Sabine (2017): Ly6C(high) Monocytes Oscillate in the Heart During Homeostasis and After Myocardial Infarction-Brief Report. In: Arteriosclerosis thrombosis and Vascular Biology, Vol. 37, Nr. 9: S. 1640-1645


Vielhauer, Volker; Anders, Hans-Joachim; de Lema, Guillermo Pérez; Luckow, Bruno; Schlöndorff, Detlef; Mack, Matthias (2003): Phenotyping renal leukocyte subsets by four-color flow cytometry: Characterization of chemokine receptor expression. In: Nephron Experimental Nephrology, Nr. 2, E63-E71 [PDF, 387kB]


Kaestner, Klaus H.; Hiemisch, Holger; Luckow, Bruno; Schütz, Günther (1994): Gene Structure, cDNA Sequence, and mRNA Distribution. In: Genomics, Vol. 20, Nr. 3: S. 377-385 [PDF, 4MB]

Luckow, Bruno; Bunz, F.; Stillman, B.; Lichter, P.; Schütz, Günther (1994): Cloning, expression, and chromosomal localization of the 140-kilodalton subunit of replication factor C from mice and humans. In: Molecular and Cellular Biology, Vol. 14: S. 1626-1634 [PDF, 2MB]


Nichols, Mark; Weih, Falk; Schmid, Wolfgang; DeVack, Carol; Kowenz-Leutz, Elisabeth; Luckow, Bruno; Boshart, Michael; Schütz, Günther (1992): Phosphorylation of CREB affects its binding to high and low affinity sites. implications for cAMP induced gene transcription. In: EMBO Journal, Vol. 11, Nr. 9: S. 3337-3346 [PDF, 2MB]

Boshart, Michael; Klüppelberg, Michael; Schmidt, Andrea; Schütz, Günther; Luckow, Bruno (1992): Reporter constructs with low background activity utilizing the cat gene. In: Gene, Vol. 110, Nr. 1: S. 129-130 [PDF, 209kB]


Luckow, Bruno; Schütz, Günther (1989): Cell-type specificity of regulatory elements identified by linker scanning mutagenesis in the promoter of the chicken lysozyme gene. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 17: S. 8451-8462 [PDF, 944kB]


Luckow, Bruno; Renkawitz, Rainer; Schütz, Günther (1987): A new method for constructing linker scanning mutants. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 15: S. 417-429 [PDF, 2MB]

Luckow, Bruno; Schütz, Günther (1987): CAT constructions with multiple unique restriction sites for the functional analysis of eukaryotic promoters and regulatory elements. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 15: S. 5490 [PDF, 46kB]

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