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Gabriel, Wilfried; Lynch, Michael; Bürger, Reinhard (1993): Muller's ratchet and mutational meltdowns. In: Evolution, Vol. 47: S. 1744-1757 [PDF, 1MB]

Lynch, Michael; Bürger, Reinhard; Butcher, D.; Gabriel, Wilfried (1993): The mutational meltdown in asexual populations. In: Journal of Heredity, Vol. 84: S. 339-344 [PDF, 719kB]

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Lynch, Michael; Gabriel, Wilfried (1990): Mutation load and survival of small populations. In: Evolution, Vol. 44: S. 1725-1737 [PDF, 1MB]

Lynch, Michael; Gabriel, Wilfried (1987): Environmental tolerance. In: American Naturalist, Vol. 129: S. 283-303 [PDF, 3MB]

Lynch, Michael; Gabriel, Wilfried (1983): Phenotypic evolution and parthenogenesis. In: American Naturalist, Vol. 122, Nr. 6: S. 745-764 [PDF, 2MB]


Gabriel, Wilfried; Bürger, Reinhard; Lynch, Michael (1990): Population extinction by mutational load and demographic stochasticity. In: Seitz, Alfred; Loeschcke, V. (Hrsg.): Species Conservation. A population-biological approach. Basel ; Boston ; Berlin: Birkhäuser. S. 49-59 [PDF, 1MB]

Lynch, Michael; Gabriel, Wilfried (1987): Evolution of the breadth of biochemical adaptation. In: Calow, Peter (Hrsg.): Evolutionary physiological ecology. Cambridge u.a.: Cambridge University Press. S. 67-83 [PDF, 1MB]

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