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Journal article

Parle, Joseph; Beni, A.; Dhanak, V. R.; Smerdon, Joseph; Schmutz, P.; Wardé, M.; Barthés-Labrousse, M.-G.; Bauer, Birgitta; Gille, Peter; Sharma, H. R.; McGrath, Ronan (2013): STM and XPS investigation of the oxidation of the Al4(Cr,Fe) quasicrystal approximant. In: Applied Surface Science, Vol. 283: pp. 276-282

Li, H.I.; Pussi, K.; Hanna, K.J.; Wang, L.-L.; Johnson, D. D.; Cheng, H.-P.; Shin, Heekeun; Curtarolo, S.; Moritz, Wolfgang; Smerdon, Joseph; McGrath, Ronan; Diehl, R. D. (2009): Surface Geometry of C60 on Ag(111). In: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103, No. 5

Beni, A.; DeRose, J.; Schmutz, P.; Barthés-Labrousse, M.-G.; Wardé, M.; McGrath, Ronan; Parle, Joseph; Gille, Peter; Bauer, Birgitta (2009): Oxidation and corrosion behavior of new Al4(Cr,Fe) complex metallic alloys. In: EMPA Activities, No. 2009-2010 EMPA ACT: p. 17

Smerdon, Joseph; Parle, Joseph; McGrath, Ronan; Bauer, Birgitta; Gille, Peter (2009): Surface study of the (100) and (010) faces of the quasicrystal approximant Al-4(Cr,Fe). In: Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie, Vol. 224, No. 1-2: pp. 13-15 [PDF, 656kB]

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