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Gross, Annika; Pack, Lotta A. P.; Schacht, Gabriel M.; Kant, Sebastian; Ungewiss, Hanna; Meir, Michael; Schlegel, Nicolas; Preisinger, Christian; Boor, Peter; Guldiken, Nurdan; Krusche, Claudia A.; Sellge, Gernot; Trautwein, Christian; Waschke, Jens; Heuser, Arnd; Leube, Rudolf E.; Strnad, Pavel (2018): Desmoglein 2, but not desmocollin 2, protects intestinal epithelia from injury. In: Mucosal Immunology, Vol. 11, No. 6: pp. 1630-1639

Ungewiss, Hanna; Rötzer, Vera; Meir, Michael; Fey, Christina; Diefenbacher, Markus; Schlegel, Nicolas; Waschke, Jens (2018): Dsg2 via Src-mediated transactivation shapes EGFR signaling towards cell adhesion. In: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, Vol. 75, No. 22: pp. 4251-4268

Burkard, Natalie; Meir, Michael; Flemming, Sven; Germer, Christoph-Thomas; Waschke, Jens; Schlegel, Nicolas (2017): Desmoglein 2 regulates PI3-kinase/AKT-dependent expression of Claudin 2 in intestinal epithelial cells. In: FASEB Journal, Vol. 31

Meir, Michael; Burkard, Natalie; Flemming, Sven; Germer, Christoph-Thomas; Waschke, Jens; Schlegel, Nicolas (2017): Glial cell-line derived neurotrophic factor attenuates inflammation-induced breakdown of intestinal epithelial barrier function by stabilization of Dsg2-dependent intercellular adhesion. In: FASEB Journal, Vol. 31

Flemming, Sven; Burkard, Natalie; Renschler, Melanie; Vielmuth, Franziska; Meir, Michael; Schick, Martin; Wunder, Christian; Germer, Christop-Thomas; Spindler, Volker; Waschke, Jens; Schegel, Nicolas (2016): Soluble VE-cadherin contributes to loss of VE-cadherin-mediated adhesion and endothelial barrier function. In: FASEB Journal, Vol. 30

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