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Meissner, Karin; Schweizer-Arau, Annemarie; Limmer, Anna; Preibisch, Christine; Popovici, Roxana M.; Lange, Isabel; de Oriol, Barbara; Beissner, Florian (2016): Psychotherapy With Somatosensory Stimulation for Endometriosis-Associated Pain A Randomized Controlled Trial. In: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol. 128, Nr. 5: S. 1134-1142

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Müller, Veronika; Remus, Kirsten; Hoffmann, Verena; Tschöp, Matthias H.; Meissner, Karin (2016): Effectiveness of a placebo intervention on visually induced nausea in women - A randomized controlled pilot study. In: Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Vol. 91: S. 9-11

Schötz, Eva; Otten, Simone; Wittmann, Marc; Schmidt, Stefan; Kohls, Niko; Meissner, Karin (2016): Time perception, mindfulness and attentional capacities in transcendental meditators and matched controls. In: Personality and individual Differences, Vol. 93: S. 16-21

Linde, Klaus; Rücker, Gerta; Sigterman, Kirsten; Jamil, Susanne; Meissner, Karin; Schneider, Antonius; Kriston, Levente: Comparative effectiveness of psychological treatments for depressive disorders in primary care: network meta-analysis. In: BMC Family Practice 2015, 16:103 [PDF, 854kB]

Otten, Simone; Schoetz, Eva; Wittmann, Marc; Kohls, Niko; Schmidt, Stefan; Meissner, Karin (2015): Psychophysiology of duration estimation in experienced mindfulness meditators and matched controls. In: Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 6 [PDF, 531kB]

Beissner, Florian; Brünner, Franziska; Fink, Maria; Meissner, Karin; Kaptchuk, Ted J.; Napadow, Vitaly (2015): Placebo-Induced Somatic Sensations: A Multi-Modal Study of Three Different Placebo Interventions.
In: PLOS ONE 10(4), e0124808 [PDF, 7MB]

Wittmann, Marc; Otten, Simone; Schötz, Eva; Sarikaya, Anna; Lehnen, Hanna; Jo, Han-Gue; Kohls, Niko; Schmidt, Stefen; Meissner, Karin (2015): Subjective expansion of extended time-spans in experienced meditators. In: Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 5, 1586 [PDF, 271kB]

Jonas, Wayne B.; Crawford, Cindy; Colloca, Luana; Kaptchuk, Ted J.; Moseley, Bruce; Miller, Franklin G.; Kriston, Levente; Linde, Klaus; Meissner, Karin (2015): To what extent are surgery and invasive procedures effective beyond a placebo response? A systematic review with meta-analysis of randomised, sham controlled trials. In: BMJ Open, Vol. 5, Nr. 12, e009655 [PDF, 1MB]

Meissner, Karin; Koch, Anne (2015): Sympathetic Arousal during a Touch-Based Healing Ritual Predicts Increased Well-Being. In: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 641704 [PDF, 1MB]

Linde, Klaus; Friedrichs, Clara; Alscher, Anna; Wagenpfeil, Stefan; Meissner, Karin; Schneider, Antonius (2014): The Use of Placebo and Non-Specific Therapies and Their Relation to Basic Professional Attitudes and the Use of Complementary Therapies among German Physicians - A Cross-Sectional Survey.
In: PLOS ONE 9(4), e92938 [PDF, 188kB]

Wackermann, Jiri; Meissner, Karin; Tankersley, Dharol; Wittmann, Marc (2014): Effects of emotional valence and arousal on acoustic duration reproduction assessed via the "dual klepsydra model". In: Frontiers in Neurorobotics, Vol. 8: S. 1-10 [PDF, 1MB]

Linde, Klaus; Friedrichs, Clara; Alscher, Anna; Blank, Wolfgang A.; Schneider, Antonius; Faessler, Margrit; Meissner, Karin (2013): Use of Placebos and Nonspecific and Complementary Treatments by German Physicians - Rationale and Development of a Questionnaire for a Nationwide Survey. In: Forschende Komplementärmedizin, Nr. 5: S. 361-367 [PDF, 980kB]

Linde, Klaus; Schumann, Isabelle; Meissner, Karin; Jamil, Susanne; Kriston, Levente; Ruecker, Gerta; Antes, Gerd; Schneider, Antonius: Treatment of depressive disorders in primary care - protocol of a multiple treatment systematic review of randomized controlled trials. In: BMC Family Practice 2011, 12:127 [PDF, 189kB]

Linde, Klaus; Niemann, Karin; Meissner, Karin (2010): Are Sham Acupuncture Interventions More Effective than (Other) Placebos? A Re-Analysis of Data from the Cochrane Review on Placebo Effects. In: Forschende Komplementärmedizin, Nr. 5: S. 259-264 [PDF, 258kB]

Meissner, Karin; Böhling, Barbara; Schweizer-Arau, Annemaria (2010): Long-Term Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hypnotherapy in Patients with Severe Endometriosis - a Retrospective Evaluation. In: Forschende Komplementärmedizin, Nr. 6: S. 314-320 [PDF, 84kB]

Linde, Klaus; Niemann, Karin; Schneider, Antonius; Meissner, Karin: How large are the nonspecific effects of acupuncture? A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. In: BMC Medicine 2010, 8:75 [PDF, 373kB]

Faessler, Margrit; Meissner, Karin; Schneider, Antonius; Linde, Klaus: Frequency and circumstances of placebo use in clinical practice - a systematic review of empirical studies. In: BMC Medicine 2010, 8:15 [PDF, 315kB]

Zimmermann-Viehoff, Frank; Bergander, Bernd; Meissner, Karin; Deter, Hans-Christian (2008): Integrative Therapie einer Patientin mit komplexen psychosomatischen Beschwerden. In: Forschende Komplementärmedizin, Nr. 3: S. 152-155 [PDF, 73kB]

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Koch, Anne; Meissner, Karin (2011): Psychische und vegetative Effekte des geistigen Heilens in ihrem rituellen und religionsgeschichtlichen Kontext. Zwei exemplarische Falldarstellungen. In: Büssing, Arndt (Hrsg.): Spiritualität transdisziplinär. Heidelberg: Springer. S. 145-165 [PDF, 2MB]

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