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Journal article

Woelber, L.; Haeringer, N.; Eulenburg, C.; Donata, G.; Trillsch, F.; Burandt, E.; Schmalfeldt, B.; Mahner, S.; Mueller, V.; Prieske, K. (2016): Patterns of distant metastases in vulvar cancer. In: International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, Vol. 26: p. 1164

Janni, W.; Schramm, A.; Friedl, T. W. P.; Schochter, E.; Huober, J.; Rack, B.; Alunni-Fabbroni, M.; Fasching, P. A.; Taran, F.-A.; Hortkopf, A.; Schneeweiss, A.; Mueller, V.; Aktas, B.; Krawczyk, N.; Pantel, K.; Fehm, T. (2016): Factors Predicting Discordance in HER2 Phenotype between Primary Tumor and Circulating Tumor Cells in Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 39: p. 47

Tzschaschel, M.; Trapp, E.; Rack, B.; Messina, C.; Mueller, V.; Fehm, T.; Janni, W.; Loehberg, C.; Wimberger, P.; Kolberg, H.-C.; Uleer, C.; Brudler, O.; Sotiriou, C.; Pierga, J.-Y.; Piccart, M.; Ignatiadis, M. (2016): TREAT CTC: An innovative therapy approach to eliminate circulating tumor cells (CTCs). In: Oncology Research and Treatment, Vol. 39: p. 55

Janni, W.; Rack, B.; Fasching, P.; Haeberle, L.; Friedl, T.; Tesch, H.; Lorenz, R.; Neugebauer, J.; Koch, J.; Jaeger, B.; Fehm, T.; Mueller, V.; Schneeweiß, A.; Lichtenegger, W.; Beckmann, M.; Scholz, C.; Pantel, K.; Trapp, E. (2016): Persistence of circulating tumor cells in high risk early breast cancer patients during follow-up care suggests poor prognosis - Results from the adjuvant SUCCESS A trial. In: Cancer Research, Vol. 76

Spanheimer, R.; Hoffmann, M.; Koegl, S.; Schmidt, S.; Pflueger, K.; Mueller, V. (2008): Differential regulation of Ota and Otb, two primary glycine betaine transporters in the methanogenic archaeon Methanosarcina mazei go1. In: Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, No. 4: pp. 255-263 [PDF, 380kB]

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