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Journal article

Orban, Mathias; Braun, D.; Orban, Martin; Gross, L.; Näbauer, M.; Hagl, C. M.; Massberg, S.; Hausleiter, J. (2016): Established interventions for mitral valve regurgitation Current evidence. In: Herz, Vol. 41, No. 1: pp. 19-25

Orban, M.; Lesevic, H.; Orban, M. W.; Braun, D.; Deseive, S.; Sonne, C.; Mehilli, J.; Schunkert, H.; Massberg, S.; Hagl, C.; Kastrati, A.; Boekstegers, P.; Näbauer, M.; Ott, I.; Hausleiter, J. (2016): Predictors for long-term survival after transcatheter edge-to-edge mitral valve repair. In: European Heart Journal, Vol. 37: pp. 405-406

Hohnloser, S. H.; Näbauer, M.; Kloss, S.; Genet, A.; Windeck, T.; Lefevre, C.; Hack, G.; Volz, F.; Leverkus, F.; Jacob, J.; Hickstein, L. (2016): Risk of bleeding with non-vitamin K antagonists and phenprocoumon in routine care patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. In: European Heart Journal, Vol. 37: p. 513

Barth, A. S.; Kuner, R.; Buneß, A.; Ruschhaupt, Markus; Merk, S.; Zwermann, L.; Kääb, S.; Kreuzer, E.; Steinbeck, G.; Mansmann, Ulrich; Poustka, A.; Näbauer, M.; Sültmann, H. (2006): Identification of a common gene expression signature in dilated cardiomyopathy across independent microarray studies. In: Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Vol. 48, No. 8: pp. 1610-1617

Zingler, V. C.; Näbauer, M.; Jahn, K.; Gross, A.; Hohlfeld, R.; Brandt, T.; Strupp, M. (2005): Assessment of potential cardiotoxic side effects of mitoxantrone in patients with multiple sclerosis. In: European Neurology, No. 1: pp. 28-33 [PDF, 94kB]

Barth, A. S.; Merk, S.; Arnoldi, E.; Zwermann, L.; Kloos, P.; Gebauer, M.; Steinmeyer, K.; Bleich, M.; Kääb, S.; Hinterseer, M.; Kartmann, H.; Kreuzer, E.; Dugas, Martin; Steinbeck, G.; Näbauer, M. (2005): Reprogramming of the human atrial transcriptome in permanent atrial fibrillation: expression of a ventricular-like genomic signature. In: Circulation Research, Vol. 96, No. 9: pp. 1022-1029

Barth, A. S.; Merk, S.; Arnoldi, E.; Zwermann, L.; Kloos, P.; Gebauer, M.; Steinmeyer, K.; Bleich, M.; Kääb, S.; Pfeufer, A.; Überfuhr, P.; Dugas, Martin; Steinbeck, G.; Näbauer, M. (2005): Functional profiling of human atrial and ventricular gene expression. In: Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology (Pflugers Archiv), Vol. 450, No. 4: pp. 201-208

Kääb, S.; Barth, A. S.; Margerie, D.; Dugas, Martin; Gebauer, M.; Zwermann, L.; Merk, S.; Pfeufer, A.; Steinmeyer, K.; Bleich, M.; Kreuzer, E.; Steinbeck, G.; Näbauer, M. (2004): Global gene expression in human myocardium-oligonucleotide microarray analysis of regional diversity and transcriptional regulation in heart failure. In: Journal of Molecular Medicine, Vol. 82, No. 5: pp. 308-316

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