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Kim, Jihoon; Neumann, Larissa; Paul, Paulina; Day, Michele E.; Aratow, Michael; Bell, Douglas S.; Doctor, Jason N.; Hinske, Ludwig C.; Jiang, Xiaoqian; Kim, Katherine K.; Matheny, Michael E.; Meeker, Daniella; Pletcher, Mark J.; Schilling, Lisa M.; SooHoo, Spencer; Xu, Hua; Zheng, Kai; Ohno-Machado, Lucila (2021): Privacy-protecting, reliable response data discovery using COVID-19 patient observations. In: Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA [PDF, 2MB]

Hinske, Ludwig C.; Santos, Felipe R. C. dos; Ohara, Daniel T.; Ohno-Machado, Lucila; Kreth, Simone; Galante, Pedro A. F. (2017): MiRIAD update: using alternative polyadenylation, protein interaction network analysis and additional species to enhance exploration of the role of intragenic miRNAs and their host genes. In: Database-the Journal of Biological Databases and Curation, bax053 [PDF, 665kB]

Hinske, Ludwig Christian; Galante, Pedro A. F.; Limbeck, Elisabeth; Moehnle, Patrick; Parmigiani, Raphael B.; Ohno-Machado, Lucila; Camargo, Anamaria A.; Kreth, Simone (2015): Alternative Polyadenylation Allows Differential Negative Feedback of Human miRNA miR-579 on Its Host Gene ZFR.
In: PLOS ONE 10(3), e0121507 [PDF, 3MB]

Hinske, Ludwig Christian; Franca, Gustavo S.; Torres, Hugo A. M.; Ohara, Daniel T.; Lopes-Ramos, Camila M.; Heyn, Jens; Reis, Luiz F. L.; Ohno-Machado, Lucila; Kreth, Simone; Galante, Pedro A. F. (2014): miRIAD-integrating microRNA inter- and intragenic data. In: Database-The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation, bau099 [PDF, 1MB]

Hinske, Ludwig Christian G.; Galante, Pedro A. F.; Kuo, Winston P.; Ohno-Machado, Lucila (2010): A potential role for intragenic miRNAs on their hosts' interactome. In: BMC Genomics 11:533 [PDF, 935kB]

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