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Lasch, Florian; Karch, Annika; Koch, Armin; Derlin, Thorsten; Voskrebenzev, Andreas; Alsady, Tawfik Moher; Hoeper, Marius M.; Gall, Henning; Roller, Fritz; Harth, Sebastian; Steiner, Dagmar; Krombach, Gabriele; Ghofrani, Hossein Ardeschir; Rengier, Fabian; Heussel, Claus Peter; Gruenig, Ekkehard; Beitzke, Dietrich; Hacker, Marcus; Lang, Irene M.; Behr, Jürgen; Bartenstein, Peter; Dinkel, Julien; Schmidt, Kai-Helge; Kreitner, Karl-Friedrich; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Ulrich, Silvia; Hamer, Okka W.; Pfeifer, Michael; Johns, Christopher S.; Kiely, David G.; Swift, Andrew James; Wild, Jim; Vogel-Claussen, Jens (9. April 2020): Comparison of MRI and VQ-SPECT as a Screening Test for Patients With Suspected CTEPH: CHANGE-MRI Study Design and Rationale. In: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, Vol. 7, 51: pp. 1-10 [PDF, 4MB]

Siemens, Sarah Marietta von; Perneczky, Robert; Vogelmeier, Claus F.; Behr, Jürgen; Kauffmann-Guerrero, Diego; Alter, Peter; Trudzinski, Franziska C.; Bals, Robert; Grohe, Christian; Soehler, Sandra; Waschki, Benjamin; Lutter, Johanna; Welte, Tobias; Joerres, Rudolf A.; Kahnert, Kathrin; Andreas, Stefan; Bewig, Burkhard; Buhl, Roland; Ewert, Ralf; Ficker, Joachim H.; Stubbe, Beate; Gogol, Manfred; Hauck, Rainer; Held, Matthias; Jany, Berthold; Henke, Markus; Herth, Felix; Hoeffken, Gerd; Katus, Hugo A.; Kirsten, Anne-Marie; Watz, Henrik; Koczulla, Rembert; Kenn, Klaus; Kronsbein, Juliane; Kropf-Sanchen, Cornelia; Lange, Christoph; Zabel, Peter; Pfeifer, Michael; Randerath, Winfried J.; Seeger, Werner; Studnicka, Michael; Taube, Christian; Teschler, Helmut; Timmermann, Hartmut; Virchow, J. Christian; Vogelmeier, Claus; Wagner, Ulrich; Welte, Tobias; Wirtz, Hubert (2019): The association of cognitive functioning as measured by the DemTect with functional and clinical characteristics of COPD: results from the COSYCONET cohort. In: Respiratory Research, Vol. 20, No. 1, 257

Alter, Peter; Watz, Henrik; Kahnert, Kathrin; Pfeifer, Michael; Randerath, Winfried J.; Andreas, Stefan; Waschki, Benjamin; Kleibrink, Björn E.; Welte, Tobias; Bals, Robert; Schulz, Holger; Biertz, Frank; Young, David; Vogelmeier, Claus F.; Jorres, Rudolf A. (2018): Airway obstruction and lung hyperinflation in COPD are linked to an impaired left ventricular diastolic filling. In: Respiratory Medicine, Vol. 137: pp. 14-22

Zilz, Christian; Blaas, Stefan H.; Pfeifer, Michael; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Budweiser, Stephan (2016): Mental health, serum biomarkers and survival in severe COPD: a pilot study. In: Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine 11:3 [PDF, 658kB]

Kreuter, Michael; Herth, Felix J. F.; Wacker, Margarethe; Leidl, Reiner ORCID: 0000-0002-7115-7510; Hellmann, Andreas; Pfeifer, Michael; Behr, Jürgen; Witt, Sabine; Kauschka, Dagmar; Mall, Marcus; Günther, Andreas; Markart, Philipp (2015): Exploring Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Interstitial Lung Diseases: Rationale, Aims, and Design of a Nationwide Prospective Registry-The EXCITING-ILD Registry. In: Biomed Research International, 123876 [PDF, 1MB]

Budweiser, Stephan; Baur, Tobias; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Kollert, Florian; Pfeifer, Michael; Heinemann, Frank (2012): Predictors of Successful Decannulation Using a Tracheostomy Retainer in Patients with Prolonged Weaning and Persisting Respiratory Failure. In: Respiration, No. 6: pp. 469-476 [PDF, 259kB]

Budweiser, Stephan; Heidtkamp, Felix; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Heinemann, Frank; Arzt, Michael; Schroll, Stephan; Schmidbauer, Kathrin; Hitzl, Andre P.; Pfeifer, Michael (2008): Predictive significance of the six-minute walk distance for long-term survival in chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure. In: Respiration, No. 4: pp. 418-426 [PDF, 241kB]

Budweiser, Stephan; Hitzl, Andre P.; Joerres, Rudolf A.; Schmidbauer, Kathrin; Heinemann, Frank; Pfeifer, Michael (2007): Health-related quality of life and long-term prognosis in chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure: a prospective survival analysis. In: Respiratory Research 8:92 [PDF, 412kB]

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