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Publications by Pineda, Jaime E.

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Harju, Jorma; Pineda, Jaime E.; Vasyunin, Anton; Caselli, Paola; Offner, Stella S. R.; Goodman, Alyssa A.; Juvela, Mika; Sipilae, Olli; Faure, Alexandre; Le Gal, Romane; Hily-Blant, Pierre; Alves, Joao; Bizzocchi, Luca; Burkert, Andreas; Chen, Hope; Friesen, Rachel K.; Guesten, Rolf; Myers, Philip C.; Punanova, Anna; Rist, Claire; Rosolowsky, Erik; Schlemmer, Stephan; Shirley, Yancy; Spezzano, Silvia; Vastel, Charlotte; Wiesenfeld, Laurent (2020): Efficient Methanol Production on the Dark Side of a Prestellar Core. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 895, No. 2, 101


Chen, Hope How-Huan; Pineda, Jaime E.; Offner, Stella S. R.; Goodman, Alyssa A.; Burkert, Andreas; Friesen, Rachel K.; Rosolowsky, Erik; Scibelli, Samantha; Shirley, Yancy (2019): Droplets. II. Internal Velocity Structures and Potential Rotational Motions in Pressure-dominated Coherent Structures. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 886, No. 2, 119

Chen, Hope How-Huan; Pineda, Jaime E.; Goodman, Alyssa A.; Burkert, Andreas; Offner, Stella S. R.; Friesen, Rachel K.; Myers, Philip C.; Alves, Felipe; Arce, Hector G.; Caselli, Paola; Chacon-Tanarr, Ana; Chen, Michael Chun-Yuan; Di Francesco, James; Ginsburg, Adam; Keown, Jared; Kirk, Helen; Martin, Peter G.; Matzner, Christopher; Punanova, Anna; Redaelli, Elena; Rosolowsky, Erik; Scibelli, Samantha; Seo, Youngmin; Shirley, Yancy; Singh, Ayushi (2019): Droplets. I. Pressure-dominated Coherent Structures in L1688 and B18. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 877, No. 2, 93


Monsch, Kristina; Pineda, Jaime E.; Liu, Hauyu Baobab; Zucker, Catherine; Chen, Hope How-Huan; Pattle, Kate; Offner, Stella S. R.; Di Francesco, James; Ginsburg, Adam; Ercolano, Barbara; Arce, Hector G.; Friesen, Rachel; Kirk, Helen; Caselli, Paola; Goodman, Alyssa A. (2018): Dense Gas Kinematics and a Narrow Filament in the Orion A OMC1 Region Using NH3. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 861, No. 2, 77


Lin, Yuxin; Liu, Hauyu Baobab; Li, Di; Zhang, Zhi-Yu; Ginsburg, Adam; Pineda, Jaime E.; Qian, Lei; Galván-Madrid, Roberto; McLeod, Anna Faye; Rosolowsky, Erik; Dale, James E.; Immer, Katharina; Koch, Eric; Longmore, Steve; Walker, Daniel; Testi, Leonardo (2016): Cloud structure of galactic OB cluster-forming regions from combining ground- and space-based bolometric observations. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 828, No. 1, 32

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