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Bissinger, Oliver, Kirschke, Jan S., Probst, Florian Andreas, Stauber, Martin, Wolff, Klaus-Dietrich, Haller, Bernhard, Götz, Carolin, Plank, Christian and Kolk, Andreas (2016): Micro-CT vs. Whole Body Multirow Detector CT for Analysing Bone Regeneration in an Animal Model.
In: PLOS ONE 11(11), e0166540 [PDF, 2MB]

Ferizi, Mehrije, Leonhardt, Carolin, Meggle, Christian, Aneja, Manish K., Rudolph, Carsten, Plank, Christian and Rädler, Joachim O. (2015): Stability analysis of chemically modified mRNA using micropattern-based single-cell arrays. In: Lab on a Chip, Vol. 15, Nr. 17: S. 3561-3571 [PDF, 4MB]

Mannell, Hanna, Hellwig, Nicole, Gloe, Torsten, Plank, Christian, Sohn, Hae-Young, Groesser, Leopold, Walzog, Barbara, Pohl, Ulrich and Krötz, Florian (2008): Inhibition of the tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 suppresses angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo. In: Journal of Vascular Research, Nr. 2: S. 153-163 [PDF, 465kB]

Krötz, Florian, Sohn, Hae-Young, Gloe, Torsten, Plank, Christian and Pohl, Ulrich (2003): Magnetofection potentiates gene delivery to cultured endothelial cells. In: Journal of Vascular Research, Nr. 5: S. 425-434 [PDF, 327kB]

Plank, Christian, Oberhauser, Berndt, Mechtler, Karl, Koch, Christian and Wagner, Ernst (1994): The influence of endosome-disruptive peptides on gene transfer using synthetic virus-like gene transfer systems. In: Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 269: S. 12918-12924 [PDF, 2MB]

Plank, Christian, Zatloukal, Kurt, Cotten, Matt, Mechtler, Karl and Wagner, Ernst (1992): Gene transfer into hepatocytes using asialoglycoprotein receptor mediated endocytosis of DNA complexed with an artificial tetra-antennary galactose ligand. In: Bioconjugate Chemistry, Vol. 3, Nr. 6: S. 533-539 [PDF, 905kB]

Wagner, Ernst, Plank, Christian, Zatloukal, Kurt, Cotten, Matt and Birnstiel, Max L. (1992): Influenza virus hemagglutinin HA-2 N-terminal fusogenic peptides augment gene transfer by transferrin-polylysine-DNA complexes. Toward a synthetic virus-like gene-transfer vehicle. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the U S A, Vol. 89, Nr. 17: S. 7934-7938 [PDF, 1MB]

Zatloukal, Kurt, Wagner, Ernst, Cotten, Matt, Phillips, Stephen, Plank, Christian, Steinlein, Peter, Curiel, David T. and Birnstiel, Max L. (1992): Transferrinfection. A Highly Efficient Way to Express Gene Constructs in Eukaryotic Cells. In: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 660, Nr. 1: S. 136-153 [PDF, 2MB]


Wagner, Ernst, Cotten, Matt, Plank, Christian, Mechtler, Karl, Zatloukal, Kurt and Birnstiel, Max L. (1994): Receptor-mediated gene delivery into mammalian cells. In: Spier, R. E. (Hrsg.): Animal cell technology: Products of today, prospects for tomorrow. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann. S. 30-34 [PDF, 1MB]


Wagner, Ernst, Buschle, M., Cotten, Matt, Plank, Christian, Zauner, W. and Birnstiel, Max L. (1994): Synthetic virus-like gene delivery systems. 21. International Symposium on controlled release of bioactive materials, 27-30 Juni 1994, Nizza. [PDF, 432kB]

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