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Hengel, Hartmut; Lucin, Pero; Jonjic, Stipan; Ruppert, Siegfried; Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1994): Restoration of cytomegalovirus antigen presentation by gamma interferon combats viral escape. In: Journal of virology, Vol. 68: S. 289-297 [PDF, 2MB]

Ruppert, Siegfried; Cole, Timothy J.; Boshart, Michael; Schmidt, Erika; Schütz, Günther (1992): Multiple mRNA isoforms of the transcription activator protein CREB. generation by alternative splicing and specific expression in primary spermatocytes. In: EMBO Journal, Vol. 11, Nr. 4: S. 1503-1512 [PDF, 2MB]

Ruppert, Siegfried; Boshart, Michael; Bosch, Franz X.; Schmidt, Walter; Fournier, R. E. Keith; Schlitz, Günther (1990): Two Genetically Defined Tram-Acting Loci Coordinately Regulate Overlapping Sets of Liver-Specific Genes. In: Cell, Vol. 61, Nr. 5: S. 895-904 [PDF, 1MB]

Becker, Peter B.; Ruppert, Siegfried; Schütz, Günther (1987): Genomic footprinting reveals cell-type-specific binding of ubiquitous transcription factors. In: Cell, Vol. 51: S. 435-443 [PDF, 2MB]


Nitsch, Doris; Ruppert, Siegfried; Kelsey, G. D.; Schedl, A.; Weih, Falk; Stewart, A. F.; Strähle, Uwe; Schmid, Wolfgang; DeVack, Carol; Reik, A.; Boshart, Michael; Schütz, Günther (1991): Hormonal and liver-specific control of expression of the tyrosine aminotransferase gene. In: Cohen, P.; Foulkes, J. G. (Hrsg.): Molecular Aspects of Cellular Regulation. Amsterdam: Elsevier. S. 433-444 [PDF, 1MB]

Kelsey, G. D.; Ruppert, Siegfried; Boshart, Michael; Schedl, A.; Schmid, Wolfgang; Schütz, Günther (1989): The albino perinatal lethal mutation. Identification of affected mRNAs and mapping of the locus by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. In: Lother, H. (Hrsg.): Vectors and Tools for the Study of Normal and Abnormal Growth and Differentiation. Berlin: Springer. S. 47-62 [PDF, 3MB]

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