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Ortner, Florian; Eberl, Marian; Otto, Sven; Wang, Baocheng; Schauberger, Gunther; Hofmann-Kiefer, Klaus; Saller, Thomas (2021): Patient-related and anesthesia-dependent determinants for postoperative delirium after oral and maxillofacial surgery. Results from a register-based case-control study. In: Journal of Stomatology Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Vol. 122, No. 1: pp. 62-69

Tieges, Zoe; Maclullich, Alasdair M. J.; Anand, Atul; Brookes, Claire; Cassarino, Marica; O'connor, Margaret; Ryan, Damien; Saller, Thomas; Arora, Rakesh C.; Chang, Yue; Agarwal, Kathryn; Taffet, George; Quinn, Terence; Shenkin, Susan D.; Galvin, Rose (2021): Diagnostic accuracy of the 4AT for delirium detection in older adults: systematic review and meta-analysis. In: Age and Ageing, Vol. 50, No. 3: pp. 733-743

Saller, Thomas; Hofmann-Kiefer, Klaus F.; Saller, Isabel; Zwissler, Bernhard; Dossow, Vera von (2020): Implementation of strategies to prevent and treat postoperative delirium in the post-anesthesia caring unit A German survey of current practice. In: Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, Vol. 35, No. 3: pp. 599-605

Groene, Philipp; Sappel, Sophia R.; Saller, Thomas; Nitschke, Tobias; Sa, Paula A.; Paulus, Alexander; Chappell, Daniel; Schaefer, Simon T. (2020): Functional testing of tranexamic acid effects in patients undergoing elective orthopaedic surgery. In: Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis, Vol. 51, No. 4: pp. 989-996

Nowak, Hartmuth; Zech, Nina; Asmussen, Sven; Rahmel, Tim; Tryba, Michael; Oprea, Guenther; Grause, Lisa; Schork, Karin; Moeller, Manuela; Loeser, Johannes; Gyarmati, Katharina; Mittler, Corinna; Saller, Thomas; Zagler, Alexandra; Lutz, Katrin; Adamzik, Michael; Hansen, Ernil (2020): Effect of therapeutic suggestions during general anaesthesia on postoperative pain and opioid use: multicentre randomised controlled trial. In: BMJ-British Medical Journal, Vol. 371, m4284 [PDF, 562kB]

Kammerer, Tobias; Groene, Philipp; Sappel, Sophia R.; Peterss, Sven; Sa, Paula A.; Saller, Thomas; Giebl, Andreas; Scheiermann, Patrick; Hagl, Christian; Schaefer, Simon Thomas (2020): Functional Testing for Tranexamic Acid Duration of Action Using Modified Viscoelastometry. In: Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy, Vol. 48, No. 2: pp. 109-117

Saller, Thomas; Peterss, Sven; Scheiermann, Patrick; Eser-Valeri, Daniela; Ehler, Johannes; Bruegger, Dirk; Chappell, Daniel; Kofler, Othmar; Hagl, Christian; Hofmann-Kiefer, Klaus (2020): Natriuretic Peptides as a Prognostic Marker for Delirium in Cardiac Surgery-A Pilot Study. In: Medicina-Lithuania, Vol. 56, No. 6, 258

Saller, Thomas; Hagl, Christian; Woitsch, Stefan; Li, Yupeng; Niedermayer, Sebastian; Born, Frank; Lühr, Maximilian; Kammerer, Tobias; Pichlmaier, Maximilian; Scheiermann, Patrick; Peterss, Sven (2019): Haemadsorption improves intraoperative haemodynamics and metabolic changes during aortic surgery with hypothermic circulatory arrest. In: European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Vol. 56, No. 4: pp. 731-737

Saller, Thomas; Petzold, Axel; Zetterberg, Henrik; Kuhle, Jens; Chappell, Daniel; Dossow, Vera von; Klawitter, Felix; Schuerholz, Tobias; Hagl, Christian; Reuter, Daniel A.; Zwissler, Bernhard; Ehler, Johannes (2019): A case series on the value of tau and neurofilament protein levels to predict and detect delirium in cardiac surgery patients. In: Biomedical Papers-Olomouc, Vol. 163, No. 3: pp. 241-246

Kowark, Ana; Rossaint, Rolf; Keszei, Andras P.; Bischoff, Petra; Czaplik, Michael; Drexler, Berthold; Kienbaum, Peter; Kretzschmar, Moritz; Rex, Christopher; Saller, Thomas; Schneider, Gerhard; Soehle, Martin; Coburn, Mark (2019): Impact of PReOperative Midazolam on OuTcome of Elderly patients (I-PROMOTE): study protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial. In: Trials, Vol. 20, 430

Schäfer, Simon T.; Königsperger, Stephan; Olotu, Cynthia; Saller, Thomas (2019): Biomarkers and postoperative cognitive function: could it be that easy? In: Current Opinion in Anesthesiology, Vol. 32, No. 1: pp. 92-100

Ehler, Johannes; Saller, Thomas; Wittstock, Matthias; Rommer, Paulus S.; Chappell, Daniel; Zwissler, Bernhard; Grossmann, Annette; Richter, Georg; Reuter, Daniel A.; Noeldge-Schomburg, Gabriele; Sauer, Martin (2019): Diagnostic value of NT-proCNP compared to NSE and S100B in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma of patients with sepsis-associated encephalopathy. In: Neuroscience Letters, Vol. 692: pp. 167-173

Frey, Konstantin; Rehm, Markus; Chappell, Daniel; Eisenlohr, Jana; Crispin, Alexander; Saller, Thomas; Groene, Philipp; Ockert, Ben; Hofmann-Kiefer, Klaus F. (2018): Preemptive volume therapy to prevent hemodynamic changes caused by the beach chair position: hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 versus Ringer's acetate-a controlled randomized trial. In: Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Vol. 27, No. 12: pp. 2129-2138

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