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Beck, Barbara; Doerfel, Daniela; Lichtenegger, Felix S.; Geiger, Christiane; Lindner, Lysann; Merk, Martina; Schendel, Dolores J. und Subklewe, Marion: Effects of TLR agonists on maturation and function of 3-day dendritic cells from AML patients in complete remission. In: Journal of Translational Medicine 2011, 9:151 [PDF, 547kB]


Krauss-Etschmann, Susanne, Niedermaier, Sophie, Beyer, Jeannette, Campoy, Cristina, Escolano, Victoria, Decsi, Tamás, Jakobik, Viktoria, Schendel, Dolores J., Demmelmair, Hans, Heinrich, Joachim and Koletzko, Berthold (2009): Current use of room disinfectants and allergic symptoms at the age of 4 years. In: Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, Vol. 123, Nr. 5: S. 1176-1178


Krauss-Etschmann, Susanne, Hartl, Dominik, Rzehak, Peter, Heinrich, Joachim, Shadid, Rania, Carmen Ramirez-Tortosa, Maria del, Campoy, Cristina, Pardillo, Susana, Schendel, Dolores J., Decsi, Tamás, Demmelmair, Hans and Koletzko, Berthold (2008): Decreased cord blood IL-4, IL-13, and CCR4 and increased TGF-beta levels after fish oil supplementation of pregnant women. In: Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, Vol. 121, Nr. 2, 464-470.e6


Ruettinger, Dominik; van den Engel, Natasja K.; Winter, Hauke; Schlemmer, Marcus; Pohla, Heike; Gruetzner, Stefanie; Wagner, Beate; Schendel, Dolores J.; Fox, Bernard A.; Jauch, Karl-Walter und Hatz, Rudolf A.: Adjuvant therapeutic vaccination in patients with non-small cell lung cancer made lymphopenic and reconstituted with autologous PBMC: first clinical experience and evidence of an immune response. In: Journal of Translational Medicine 2007, 5:43 [PDF, 572kB]

Zobywalski, Anke; Javorovic, Miran; Frankenberger, Bernhard; Pohla, Heike; Kremmer, Elisabeth; Bigalke, Iris und Schendel, Dolores J.: Generation of clinical grade dendritic cells with capacity to produce biologically active IL-12p70. In: Journal of Translational Medicine 2007, 5:18 [PDF, 790kB]

Shadid, Rania, Haarman, Monique, Knol, Jan, Theis, Winfried, Beermann, Christopher, Rjosk-Dendorfer, Dorothea, Schendel, Dolores J., Koletzko, Berthold and Krauss-Etschmann, Susanne (2007): Effects of galactooligosaccharide and long-chain fructooligosaccharide supplementation during pregnancy on maternal and neonatal microbiota and immunity - a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. In: American journal of clinical nutrition, Vol. 86, Nr. 5: S. 1426-1437


Krauss-Etschmann, Susanne, Hartl, Dominik, Heinrich, Joachim, Thaqi, Agim, Prell, Christine, Campoy, Cristina, Molina, Francesco S., Hector, Andreas, Decsi, Tamás, Schendel, Dolores J. and Koletzko, Berthold (2006): Association between levels of Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 and CD14 mRNA and allergy in pregnant women and their offspring. In: Clinical immunology, Vol. 118, Nr. 2-3: S. 292-299


Brockmeyer, Carsten, Ulbrecht, Matthias, Schendel, Dolores J., Weiss, Elisabeth H., Hillebrand, Günther, Burkhardt, Klaus, Land, Walter, Gokel, Michael J., Riethmüller, Gert and Feucht, Helmut E. (1993): Distribution of cell adhesion molecules (ICAM-1, VCAM-1, ELAM-1) in renal tissue during allograft rejection. In: Transplantation, Vol. 55: S. 610-615 [PDF, 1MB]


Wildner, G., Weiss, Elisabeth H., Szöts, Hannelore, Riethmüller, Gert and Schendel, Dolores J. (1989): The use of fusion proteins to study HLA-B27-specific allorecognition. In: Molecular Immunology, Vol. 26: S. 33-40 [PDF, 2MB]

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