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Ambay, Taddese Mekonnen; Schick, Philipp; Grimm, Michael; Sager, Maximilian; Schneider, Felix; Koziolek, Mirko; Siegmund, Werner; Schindele, Franziska; Haas, Rainer and Weitschies, Werner (2021): Design and Optimization of a Novel Strategy for the Local Treatment of Helicobacter pylori Infections. In: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 110, No. 3: pp. 1302-1309

Steiner, Thomas M.; Lettl, Clara; Schindele, Franziska; Goebel, Werner; Haas, Rainer; Fischer, Wolfgang and Eisenreich, Wolfgang (2021): Substrate usage determines carbon flux via the citrate cycle in Helicobacter pylori. In: Molecular Microbiology, Vol. 116, No. 3: pp. 841-860

Lettl, Clara; Schindele, Franziska; Testolin, Giambattista; Bar, Alexander; Rehm, Tobias; Bronstrup, Mark; Schobert, Rainer; Bilitewski, Ursula; Haas, Rainer and Fischer, Wolfgang (18. December 2020): Inhibition of Type IV Secretion Activity and Growth of Helicobacter pylori by Cisplatin and Other Platinum Complexes. In: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, Vol. 10, 602958: pp. 1-14 [PDF, 2MB]

Honold, Annika; Lettl, Clara; Schindele, Franziska; Illarionov, Boris; Haas, Rainer; Witschel, Matthias; Bacher, Adelbert and Fischer, Markus (2019): Inhibitors of the Bifunctional 2-C-Methyl-d-erythritol 4-Phosphate Cytidylyl Transferase/2-C-Methyl-d-erythritol-2,4-cyclopyrophosphate Synthase (IspDF) of Helicobacter pylori. In: Helvetica Chimica Acta, Vol. 102, No. 3, e1800228

Zhong, Yu; Anderl, Florian; Kruse, Tobias; Schindele, Franziska; Jagusztyn-Krynicka, Elzbieta Katarzyna; Fischer, Wolfgang; Gerhard, Markus and Mejias-Luque, Raquel (2016): Helicobacter pylori HP0231 Influences Bacterial Virulence and Is Essential for Gastric Colonization.
In: PLOS ONE 11(5), e0154643 [PDF, 5MB]

Schindele, Franziska; Weiss, Evelyn; Haas, Rainer and Fischer, Wolfgang (2016): Quantitative analysis of CagA type IV secretion by Helicobacter pylori reveals substrate recognition and translocation requirements. In: Molecular Microbiology, Vol. 100, No. 1: pp. 188-203

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