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Schmid, Wolfgang; Nitsch, Doris; Boshart, Michael und Schütz, Günther (1993): Role of cyclic AMP in the control of cell-specific gene expression. In: Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Vol. 4, Nr. 6: S. 204-209 [PDF, 898kB]

Nichols, Mark; Weih, Falk; Schmid, Wolfgang; DeVack, Carol; Kowenz-Leutz, Elisabeth; Luckow, Bruno; Boshart, Michael und Schütz, Günther (1992): Phosphorylation of CREB affects its binding to high and low affinity sites. implications for cAMP induced gene transcription. In: EMBO Journal, Vol. 11, Nr. 9: S. 3337-3346 [PDF, 2MB]

Jansen, Hans-Michael; Strähle, Uwe; Gloss, Bernd; Stewart, Francis; Schmid, Wolfgang; Boshart, Michael; Miksicek, Richard und Schlitz, Günther (1987): Cooperativity of Glucocorticoid Response Elements Located Far Upstream of the Tyrosine Aminotransferase Gene. In: Cell, Vol. 49, Nr. 1: S. 29-38 [PDF, 1MB]

Schütz, Günther; Schmid, Wolfgang; Jantzen, M.; Danesch, U.; Gloss, Bernd; Strähle, Uwe; Becker, Peter B. und Boshart, Michael (1986): Molecular basis for the hormonal regulation of the tyrosine aminotransferase and tryptophane oxygenase genes. In: ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Vol. 478: S. 93-10 [PDF, 993kB]

Schütz, Günther; Schmid, Wolfgang; Danesch, U.; Gloss, Bernd; Strähle, Uwe; Becker, Peter B. und Boshart, Michael (1986): Molecular basis for hormonal regulation of tyrosine aminotransferase and tryptophan oxygenase genes. In: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 478: S. 93-100 [PDF, 970kB]

Becker, Peter B.; Gloss, Bernd; Schmid, Wolfgang; Strähle, Uwe und Schütz, Günther (1986): In vivo protein-DNA interactions in a glucocorticoid response element require the presence of the hormone. In: Nature, Vol. 324: S. 686-688 [PDF, 2MB]


Nitsch, Doris; Ruppert, Siegfried; Kelsey, G. D.; Schedl, A.; Weih, Falk; Stewart, A. F.; Strähle, Uwe; Schmid, Wolfgang; DeVack, Carol; Reik, A.; Boshart, Michael und Schütz, Günther (1991): Hormonal and liver-specific control of expression of the tyrosine aminotransferase gene. In: Cohen, P. und Foulkes, J. G. (Hrsg.): Molecular Aspects of Cellular Regulation. Amsterdam: Elsevier. S. 433-444 [PDF, 1MB]

Kelsey, G. D.; Ruppert, Siegfried; Boshart, Michael; Schedl, A.; Schmid, Wolfgang und Schütz, Günther (1989): The albino perinatal lethal mutation. Identification of affected mRNAs and mapping of the locus by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. In: Lother, H. (Hrsg.): Vectors and Tools for the Study of Normal and Abnormal Growth and Differentiation. Berlin: Springer. S. 47-62 [PDF, 3MB]

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