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Hawlitschek, Gerhard; Schneider, Helmut; Schmidt, Bernd; Tropschug, Maximilian; Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Neupert, Walter (3. Juni 1988): Mitochondrial protein import. Identification of processing peptidase and of PEP, a processing enhancing protein. In: Cell, Vol. 53, Nr. 5: S. 795-806 [PDF, 1MB]

Hartl, Franz-Ulrich; Schmidt, Bernd; Wachter, Elmar; Weiss, Hanns; Neupert, Walter (1986): Transport into mitochondria and intramitochondrial sorting of the Fe/S protein of ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase. In: Cell, Vol. 47, Nr. 6: S. 939-951 [PDF, 1MB]

Schmidt, Bernd; Wachter, Elmar; Sebald, Walter; Neupert, Walter (November 1984): Processing peptidase of Neurospora mitochondria. Two-step cleavage of imported ATPase subunit 9. In: European Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 144, Nr. 3: S. 581-588 [PDF, 891kB]

Schmidt, Bernd; Neupert, Walter (1984): Processing of mitochondrial precursor proteins. In: Biochemical Society Transactions, Vol. 12: S. 920-921 [PDF, 7MB]

Schmidt, Bernd; Hennig, Bernd; Köhler, Helmut; Neupert, Walter (25. April 1983): Transport of the precursor to neurospora ATPase subunit 9 into yeast mitochondria. Implications on the diversity of the transport mechanism. In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 258, Nr. 8: S. 4687-4689 [PDF, 567kB]

Schmidt, Bernd; Hennig, Bernd; Zimmermann, Richard; Neupert, Walter (1983): Biosynthetic pathway of mitochondrial ATPase subunit 9 in Neurospora crassa. In: The Journal of Cell Biology, Vol. 96, Nr. 1: S. 248-255 [PDF, 880kB]

Schleyer, Manfred; Schmidt, Bernd; Neupert, Walter (Juni 1982): Requirement of a Membrane Potential for the Posttranslational Transfer of Proteins into Mitochondsria. In: European Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 125, Nr. 1: S. 109-116 [PDF, 816kB]


Schmidt, Bernd; Pfaller, Rupert; Pfanner, Nikolaus; Schleyer, Manfred; Neupert, Walter (1985): Transport of proteins into mitochondria. Receptors recognition and transmembrane movement of precursors. International Symposium on Achievements and Perspectives in Mitochondrial Research, 02.09.-06.09.1985, Rosa Marina. [PDF, 1MB]

Schmidt, Bernd; Neupert, Walter (1984): The F0F1 complex of coupling membranes. H-ATPase ATP synthase: structure, function, regulation, 05.04.-07.04.1984, Fasano. [PDF, 1MB]

Teintze, Martin; Hennig, Bernd; Schleyer, Manfred; Schmidt, Bernd; Neupert, Walter (1982): Biogenesis of mitochondrial membrane proteins. International Conference on Biological Membranes, 09.1981, Crans-sur-Sierre. [PDF, 2MB]

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